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How To Print From Anywhere

how to PRINT nywhere from WHETHER YOU ARE SETTING UP YOUR PERSONAL DEVICES TO PRINT FROM YOUR HOME, OFFICE, STORE, HOTEL, LIBRARY, YOU NAME IT - WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY HAS MADE IT MUCH EASIER TO PRINT FROM ANYWHERE WITH ANY DEVICE. WHAT IS IT? Wireless printing is a technology that lets you print over a wireless network or the web allowing multiple devices to print from the same printer Tablet Smart Phone Web Wireless Network Computer (laptop or desktop) Native File G Google Account ios Android PLATFORMS different MaysPRIN to WI-FI PRINTING Works great for your family to print from any All the devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network to communicate with each other. This device and any room on your home printer. Connect your printer to the Set up a Wi-Fi network with a wireless router network following that specific brand's manual directions Secure your Wi-Fi network with: Password protection and set up with WI-FI PROTECTED ACCESS (WPA): security certification program network password ок An unsecure network could allow hackers to access your device remotely FIREWALL: software designed to control incoming and outgoing network traffic Cloud printing allows you to literally print from anywhere in the world, not requiring a Bluetooth signal or Wi-Fi connection CLOUD PRINTING Printer is already connected to the internet and no drivers, apps, or software necessarily need to be installed Laptop or PC doesn't need to be on or connected to printer Many name brands are manufacturing cloud-ready printers for your home or office, like BROTHER EPSON SAMSUNG CANON FEDEX KODAK DELL НР Google Cloud Print is probably the most common way to cloud print, allowing you to print from your Google account on your computer, smart phone, or tablet and share printers with friends and family iOS PRINTING Apple's AirPrint is a feature that allows you to print from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod that is integrated into the operating system AirPrint Can print within most programs on the operating system Must have an AirPrint compatible printer and a Wi-Fi connection SAFARI, MAIL, PHOTOS, THIRD PARTY APPS, AND MORE Many printer manufacturers have smart phone apps MOBILE PRINTING APPS That make it easier to PRINT FROM AN IOS OR ANDROID DEVICE all with unique features ios Android PRINTING ON LOCATION Brands like HP and FedEx have set up EPRINT LOCATIONS, making it easier to print from a mobile device on the go and many apps can detect nearby printers in locations like: Boarding Pass UPS & FEDEX STORES HOTELS AIRPORT LOUNGES PUBLIC LIBRARIES Stores like FEDEX, OFFICE DEPOT, OFFICEMAX, STAPLES, AND UPS also allow shoppers to upload documents to the cloud and pick up printed documents in the store. Airport Lounge Printer Heep up KEEP UP WITH THESE NEW PRINTING TECHNOLOGIES SO YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF INNOVATIONS THAT MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER, WHETHER YOU ARE LOUNGING AT HOME OR OUT ON THE ROAD. INKTECHNOLOGIES.COM SAVING YOU MONEY WITH EVERY PRINT!

How To Print From Anywhere

shared by caterinamaria on Oct 08
The recent trend of printing from mobile devices and cloud applications has opened up new possibilities in the printing world and gives businesses and individuals the ability to conveniently print doc...




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