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How People Use The Internet

HOW PEOPLE US E THE E NTERNET INTERN ET USE ACROSS THE WORLD 32.7% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION IS ON THE INTERNET. That's a 528.1% growth in users since 2000! ४१ MOST CONNECTED COUNTRIES 75% OF PEOPLE have already been online by 9 am. % of Population That Uses The Internet 78.1% 40.1% 79.5% 11.4% 45.6% ACROSS THE INTERNET USE IS DIFFERENT ACROSS DEVICES WORLD, more people have mobile phone subscriptions than have access to What We Use Our Devices For EMAIL 92% M SEARCH ENGINE 92% LAPTOP electricity and safe drinkable water. ONLINE NEWS 76% S ONLINE SHOPPING 71% 6 SOCIAL MEDIA 65% SEARCH ENGINE 91% MOBILE PHONE TEXTING 90%O EMAIL 85% M SOCIAL MEDIA 70% 23 PLAYING GAMES 69% O HOW MANY SEARCH ENGINE 88% DEVICES EMAIL 84% M DO YOU TABLET OWN? In the United States, 53% of people own a smart phone, 31% own a tablet, and OVER 75% own a laptop. PLAYING GAMES 72% O VIEWING PICTURES 55% WATCHING VIDEOS 52% B OUT OF 10 mobile searches Most tablet use takes place in THE LIVING ROOM (88%) or IN THE BEDROOM (79%) Most mobile phone use takes place when people are TRAVELING (72%) or IN A RESTAURANT/ COFFEE SHOP (64%) triggers a follow up action, such as calling or visiting a local business, telling others about it, writing a review, or making an online or offline purchase. INTERN ET USE ON THE RISE SO WE DO A LOT OF SEARCHING.. Market share of Search Engines 1AOL 1.7% YAHOO 50% 12.1% GOOGLE 67% of online mobile traffic comes from BING 16.5% social media 1 IN 11 AND ONLINE SHOPPING. humans are on Facebook %24 ২६8 ৪ Projected online sales for 2015: $250 BILLION Total online sales in 2010: $150 BILLION AND CONNECTING WITH OUR FRIENDS facebook. 43% of online consumers use social media bixa media /Д

How People Use The Internet

shared by bixamedia on Jul 11
The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. From the time we get up in the morning to the moment we lie down for bed, we’re constantly connected. Moreover, the number of devices...


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