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How NFC is Going to Change the World

FRICTIONLESS THE VISUAL STORY OF HOW NFC IS GOING TO CHANGETHE WORLD PROBABLY FOR THE BETTER NFC SERVICES NFC Hotel NFC RUMORS NFC can enable contactless logins and authentication on computers. It can also allow you to tap your phone on a sensor to pay for goods online. You don't need to be a nerd to know that saves time and is more NFC Checkins: Simply book ADMIT ONE your room online and when you open your door at the hotel, you are checked-in. NFC tickets can be purchased by waving your phone over a smart poster for events of any kind. secure: NFC Taxi Ride NFC mobile POS Terminals make paying for a cab with your phone a cinch. Just wave and pay. TAXI NFC GADGETS NFC MARKETING NFCrouters allow tap to connect functionality. No more remembering SID keys! NFC wireless speakers are set to be all the rage when all you have to do is tap them with your phone. Now drop some smooth beats SMART ADS because that's frictionless, NFC Headphones: Just tap to connect. Hands off to bluetooth, and off you go. NFC hands-free, just tap to connect. Hands off to bluetooth, and off you go. Looking dorky was never this easy! Book Now NFC Rumors NOKIA NFC Smart Ads can be displayed as TVads and the TV can send out a passive NFC tag with web URLS, ticket purchasing and book details via e-commerce or contact details. Frictionless ads are nearly here! Expect to see them within the next 24 months. Apple already has patents to do this and are rumored to be creating an Apple TV set with built-in NFC. Per To stream the latost X-Men: First Class trailer touch your NFC phong on the icon below NFC Connection: Devices are set to benefit from NFC connection and pairing abilities. Bluetooth has a new friend. NERR FIELD COMMUNICRTO NFC nfc contactless contact NFC Posters can be applied to posters and not only physical posters - they can be posters, brochures, business cards or any NFC Business Cards contain NFC tags which can hold contact details or web other media that is ww ana cnc O. NFCTags can be applied to posters and magazine and a can support web URLS, contact details, app NFC-enabled. It can speak and interact with your audience in different addresses and more, downloads and actions. venues and environments. NFC PHONES Projection 1 in 5 smartphones worldwide will be NFC-enabled by 2014 YANKEE GROUP 2015 FROST & 203 MILLION JUNIPER SULLIVAN 300 MILLION 2014 RESEARCH 2015 MILLION 2011 863 MILLION NFC technologies are being built into many upcoming mobile phones, and several research companies as well as chip makers have taken it upon themselves to determine how prolific NFC will become in the mobile phone market. The following mobile carriers have announced their commitment to implement NFC with the intention of launching commercial NFC services: América Móvil, Axiata Group Berhad, Bharti, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, KT Corporation, MTS, Orange, Qtel Group, SK, Telecom, SoftbankMobile, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Telekom Austria Group, Telenor and NFC CHIP 50 MILLION 2011 MAKERS Vodafone. F--Mobile. BlackBerry GLG SE 10:10 AM le 12:09 .... ... 12:21. 08 29 Seip Calendar Camera Musc Cunacs NFC PHONES NFC Phones: Although only a few NFC-enabled phones are on the market today, many are rumored or announced and even more are NFCİ the biggest shift in technology since Apple unveiled the iPhone, so expect impressive superphones in 2011 through 2012. Above are a few you will see. CHECKOUT THE NFC PHONES LIST ON NFCRUMORS.COM FOR FULL DETAILS AND RUMORED PHONES under development. NFC IS GREEN WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?IT'S JUST A COUPLE OF PLASTIC CARDS THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF PAPER RECEIPTS Plastic cards currently amount to 24 million pounds of plastic waste per year. (IN A SINGLE YEAR) THAT EQUALS TO 115,885,714 150,000 barrels of oil are used to simply GALLONS OF GAS EMITS AMOUNT OF 249,600,000 7,023,376 WHICH IS THE SAME AS cO2 TO EQUAL 640,000 create the cards that we cary in our wallets. 9,600,000 TREES CUT DOWN TO Y. GALLONS OF OIL USED DURING PAPER RECEIPT PRODUCTION FULL GAS TANKS CARS RUNNING 24/7 * There are over 1.5 billion credit cards in circulation in the United States. A stack of all those credit cards would reach more than 70 miles into space - and PRODUCE PAPER RECEIPTS FORAN ENTIRE YEAR VISA be almost as tall as 13 Mount Everests. 1,220,800,000 GALLONS OF WATER USED DURING That's enough to fuel 500.000 cars! 2 PAPER PRODUCTION GREEN NFC Plastic cards are usually made from a plastic resin called polyvinyl chloride acetate (PVCA) which is problematic since it is difficult to recycle and is resistant to organic It's not just credit cards that leave a profound impact on our environment, but also debit cards, gift cards, promotional voucher cards, ID cards, driving licenses, membership cards, and more. This can add up to billions of cards that are being produced with these environmental side effects. decomposition. NFC BUSINESS CASE PROJECTED GLOBAL MOBILE TRANSACTIONS 73% BY 2015 77% 3.8 Billion Worldwide PayPal reports an ever increasing report of $10million per day in mobile payment transactions. This figure fartranscends the projected $3 billion for the entire year of 2011 made by PayPal of mobile subscribers are in 5.3 Billion Worldwide the developing world alone Mobile Subscribers Non-Subscribers only last year. These transactions are occurring right now for PayPal, so consumers are proving to the industry that mobile payments are indeed a fruitful venture and will change the way we purchase goods and services everyday. MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS GLOBALLY Now that the world has 5.3 billion mobile subscribers, which is a $1.13 JAPAN 1.5 million substantial increase from the 4.6 billion counted at the $1 TRILLION MERCHANTS ARE ALREADY PREPARING FOR NFC PAYMENTS TRILLION end of 2009, we can see that mobile US 150,000 $670 BILLION technology is infused in just about every culture. Not surprisingly, this growth is led by China and India. Also consider that 90% of the world now $633.4 BILLION 40,000 If the merchants are any indication (and we think they are since adoption is going to heavily depend on the merchants ability to offer NFCpayment options), then NFC is a bubble simply waiting to burst. Now, the MOBILE PAYMENT PORTALS OFFERED BY MERCHANTS $125 Shop $119 LBILLION BILLION lives in a place with access to a mobile network. For people living in rural communities this is lower at about consumers just need the devices to Yankee Group ABI IDC hand over their money. Portio, Research Juniper Reseárch LE Market Research 80%. TABLETS ARE GEARING UP Tablets sold TO BE A STANDARD IN MOBILETECHNOLOGY ll globally 15.7 81.3 MILLION MILLION The tablet market is growing, and it doesn't look like it will stop. Since the introduction of the Apple iPad in 2010, consumers are moving to tablet devices for expanded mobile capabilities outside of their smartphones. NFC technology is no doubt a NFC Tablets: Verifone is launching an NFC sleeve that turns any iPad or Android device 2010 2012 into an NFC POS terminal. consideration to the tablet world, NFC Tablets are not plentiful at this time. Rumors suggest HP is working on NFC tablets and TazTag had its TazPad on the way. The back part of 2011 and early 2012 is just take a look: NFCTablets are coming. Apple is rumored to be developing an expected to be when many more NFCtablets are released. NFCiPad. Apple's iPad, has sold a remarkable 29 million units, according to Juniper Research in the first five quarters since launch. NFC Tablets are expected to feature heavily in POS system running full back- end POS terminal software, able to process payments and to be linked to ... wireless cash draws and card readers. NFC TABLETS slated 2011 Also expect to see NFC takeout menus! NFC SOCIAL NFC FOOD Restaurants are the ideal setting for integrating NFC for an enhanced dining experience. Take out food, fast food, grocery and delis, and restaurants have a prime opportunity to engage their customers in new and productive ways. fb Customerln's The Connected Resaurant is a recently released app that manages NFC tags and attributed actions specifically for restaurants. Menu ordering witha tap Menus via table tents or tables Get and pay your bill when you're ready Restaurant and table check-in Social media location check-in Social Networking& NFC are like two peas ina pod. Google has already built NFC into its Google+ Android app for check-ins and you can expect to see the same from other social networks in the coming months. FourSquare, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin will all embrace NFC to allow you to find friends in close proximity or even find new people who share your likes. We also expect deals and NFC coupons to be pushed to you from social networks based on your location, with mobile wallet functionality, too! Order and pay for take out View menu item nutritionals and ingredients View and submit food reviews Get and use vouchers Reduce wait time NFC UNBANKED 36% CASIA &E EUROPE 193 million MIDDLE EAST EAST ASIA 876 million LATIN AMERICA 136 million 250 million 3.5 Billion 36% 2.5 Billion Worldwide Unbanked Globally AFRICA 326 million SOUTH ASIA 612 million Unbanked Developed and wealthy countries comprise 8% (60 million) of the world's unbanked population. The unbanked represent nearly 20% of the US' population, or 22million households. 95% Unbanked in Tanzania 88% Unbanked in Pakistan 92% 90% Unbanked in Kenya 74% Unbanked in Unbanked in Peru Papua New Guinea NFC MOBILE PAYMENTS PERSON-TO-PERSON & REMITTANCE PAYMENTS NFC MOBILE WVALLETS' HEATED COMPETITION Moldova It seems that everday another large company Remittance payments constitute the world's second largest financial inflow to many develop- ing countries, totaling more than what is trans- Tajikistan announces that it intends to launch a mobile wallet. Competition is already getting feirce and lawsuits are being filed. Google is in the market and everbody else is scrambling to catch up. ferred for international aid. For some individual recipient countries, remit- Honduras tances can be as high as a third of their GDP. The top recipients in terms of the share of remittances in GDP included many smaller economies such as Tajikistan (45%), Moldova (38%), and Honduras $414 192 VISA (25%). BILLION MILLION Remittance/transfers by mobile is in remittance transactions migrant worker sent money home in 2009 growing three times faster than mobile banking. According to World Bank estimates, remittances in 2009 totaled US$414 billion in 2009, of which US$316 billion went to developing countries that involved PayPal 192 million migrant workers. nfc Money sent home by migrants constitutes the second largest financial inflow to many developing countries, exceeding international aid. Between 500 million and 1 billion people will access financial services by mobile by 2015, depending on estimates. The MFS market will be dominated by Asia, driven by mobile operator-led initiatives in developing nations to bank the unbanked. Remittance/transfers by mobile is ru m O rs growing three times faster than mobile banking. 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How NFC is Going to Change the World

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This infographic provides a brief overview of all the ways that NFC technology can be used and what positive effects it's going to have in the world. It shows the use of NFC technology in: NFC Phones,...


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