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How Much Does Google Really Know About You?

HOW MUCH DOES Google REALLY KNOW ABOUT YOU? A QUICK GOOGLE LESSON FAdJ The more they know about you, the more money they can make by selling adverts aimed at you Google is not a search company Google is not a technology company Google sells ADVERTISING SO WHAT SORT OF STUFF DO THEY KNOW? We're about to dig into all the things Google could know about you. It's impossible to prove whether Google actually holds onto all of this information, but there's a good argument that since they have access to it, they probably use it GOOGLE KNOWS WHAT YOU THINK WHAT THEY KNOW Your beliefs Your interests (politics, religion, spirituality) and desires Your needs HOW THEY KNOW МЛ Google Google Chrome Gmail Google search Ads GOOGLE KNOWS WHAT YOU DO ONLINE WHAT THEY KNOW Where you write What you watch What you read HOW THEY KNOW 8+ Google Google search Google Google+ News Gmail Double- Google Blogger Youtube Google Click Book Chrome Search Docs TV GOOGLE KNOWS WHERE YOU GO WHAT THEY KNOW Where you P regularly hangout SSS Where you've been Where you're Where you live planning to go Who you're meeting Where you work HOW THEY KNOW 8+ 31 Owaze Google Google Chrome Gmail Google Google+ Hangouts Street Calendar Maps Android Waze search View GOOGLE KNOWS WHO YOU TALK TO WHAT THEY KNOW What you ooo Who you email talk about Where you talk about things How much 123 you email Who you've talked to When you email What you say in every email Which languages What you sound like ü you speak you send (through Gmail) HOW THEY KNOW Google Google+ Youtube Hangouts Gmail Voice Picasa Translation GOOGLE KNOWS HOW YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY WHAT THEY KNOW What you buy Where you shop What your financial worth is When you shop How much you spend HOW THEY KNOW Google Google Wallet Shopping Google Google Checkout search IN SHORT: If you use an Android phone, they also have your call logs, messages and mobile browsing If you use Google Chrome, Gmail and Google Drive, Google has access to pretty much everything you do online. Google can scan your files, emails and browsing habits to serve you appropriate adverts data too | 10 COMPANIES YOU MAY NOT KNOW GOOGLE HAS ACQUIRED AND WHAT SORT OF DATA IT GIVES THEM It's not just through the Google suite of products that Google can find out information about you. Did you know they've acquired more than 150 companies over the last decade? android MOBILE SOFTWARE VIDEO SHARIING You Tube Your call logs and browsing data Your viewing habits and tastes IMAGE ORGANISER doubleclick DOUBLECLICK Picasa. Your images by Google Which adverts you click Panoramio admob PHOTO SHARING MOBILE ADVERTISING Your photos Which adverts you click nest CLOUD COMPUTING HOME AUTOMATION Your saved files Your energy usage STACKORIVER waze Songza MAPS SOFTWARE MUSIC STREAMING Your location and travel DAILY What you listen to GOOGLE STORES TWO TYPES OF DATA: WHAT IS IT AT THE MOMENT? USER-GENERATED CONTENT • which you control and which is associated with your account SERVER LOG DATA • which is associated with one or more browser cookie IDs stored on your computer • server log data is not visible to you and is not considered to be personally identifiable information • logs contain details of how you interact with Google's various services, including: Google anonymizes its IP data after 9 months and cookies after 18 - web page requests - query history - IP address - Cookie IDs months, allowing an unlimited time period for retention of their data - other metadata GOOGLE HAS THE MAJORITY MARKET SHARE IN THE SEARCH ENGINE MARKET ACROSS THE GLOBE* 89% in the UK 61% in the USA "December 2013 68% globally AGE, SEX, LOCATION? GOOGLE KNOWS 6 WAYS TO START PREVENTING GOOGLE KEEPING DATA ON YOU (21 Don't use Chrome Don't use Gmail Don't use Don't use Google search Android devices Don't use Google Drive Don't use Google Maps Google knows your demographic and where you browse the web from. They use this information to target you with the most 'relevant' ads Or, stop worrying and get on with life "You have zero privacy anyway, get over it" Scott McNeally in 1999 (Founder of Sun Microsystems) THE #1 PLACE TO SEE WHAT GOOGLE KNOWS ABOUT YOU 5 LINKS FOR A DEEPER LOOK AT WHAT GOOGLE KNOWS ABOUT YOU 1. YOUR AD PREFERENCES: Google 2. YOUR LOCATION HISTORY locationhistory Dashboard settings/dashboard 3. YOUR GOOGLE SEARCH HISTORY: 4. ALL THE APPS AND EXTENSIONS A WHICH ACCESS YOUR DATA: security/permissions This shows everything Google is tracking about you, based on your accounts 5. YOUR YOUTUBE SEARCH HISTORY: history/search_history THE FUTURE - WHAT WILL GOOGLE KNOW? GOOGLE CAR Transport provided by Google Where you travel Who you What you do in the car What time of What you talk day you travel travel with about in the car GOOGLE GLASS + BEHAVIO Wearable technology provided by Google Everything you look at Everything Everything you talk about Who you spend Everywhere time with you go you do GOOGLE FIBER + GOOGLE AEROSPACE + LOON Universal internet coverage provided by Google Everything your browse online Everything you Everything you buy online Everything you talk about online watch online CONOSCO IT-PARTNERS

How Much Does Google Really Know About You?

shared by joe.shervell on Jan 28
Google started as a search engine, but now it's one of the biggest collectors of data in the world. Whether it's your personal details, shopping habits, or even where you travel, Google has a lot of w...






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