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How Men can Win at Online Dating

HOW MEN CN WIN AT online dating As the popularity of online dating continues to grow, the competition can seem like you're not so much running a raoe but wasting time on the treadmil Arnd your trainers are untied. And the gym's closed. With some elfort and a dash of personality, you can have fun and start winning with online dating. Did you lenom? of Americans believe 59 that ordine dating is a posithve wery of meeting people. -201 mid-aos hcnve used online dating. Online dating costs an average of Exclusive relationships tend to grow ofter 239 *6-8* DATES annual People tend to linow theyre fallng in love after of initial contocts 80 are made by men 14 of those 25 pet responses. DATES DATES of mon using oniine dating are okay with women asking for a date. 38 48 91 odmit to researching their dates cniline SUCCESS A KILLER PROFILE Don't make otential daite Single and looking gnore your profte Nothing Or worse, run away Bew BE CAREFUL OF WHAT IS SHARED RIGHT AWAY Jộn the fence about online datie wurk fo much to neet Skepcicisan fron the start Little time foe BE ASK INTRIGUING T'm werticalty gihed Grear 1 love nisinettes and Bun pepcorn at supgestiona for local uny wiry of wurselt Questions can lead to Unexpected WRITE WELL concise Use correct grimmar and spelling IHele gre about onine dtingt Looks like a teenager Jearning to teoct. optimistie. HAVE A PERSONALITY Don't be boeing or diche ie Tlove lonE walks on the beach. So speoh lore the detenotinu bl tout your job or future coreer. -Sachonclng through Aaia Leavang a nre languge for fun. Sesing of sajor veue fur o frite apart. Keepleg a bingo card for Iring local craft baara your unigge ualitie Avold red flars on your profle Lele matters -Profiles rent novits, but Proude a good umoirit of compeling information for comveraation Honeity holps lates avord d ointment Deseribe yourserwth trath A it hialy or more to lovw is beter than ving obout phaiool fentur Learning to tx oary is hetter than lying aout having profiional mechandoul sk. Fihs are forbidden. Watch the humor. Toff-aslor juksa d do Dant oceidenely inaut a potentnal pirter COMMUNICATIONS KEEP IT SHORT AND LIGHT SOCIAL TONE Tell your story, not your resune. Refer lo the other person's protle Offer Leve somethine more from your profile. the pickup lines for the bar flies BE CAREFUL POTENTIAL PARTNERS USE YOUR BRAIN WHEN DATING ONLINE Keep te contact info private for as long as possible PHONE MUMBERS IAST NAMES FODRESSES mewhere Tel a few buddies ahout your enline dating Maybe a couple of friends can check out each othirs potential dates for a second, Tell the And where -And with whom en a date. A catfish raanipulates an enotional and somantic relationship over a period of time. To oid boredom Forrevenge ggain you or somelng WATCH OUT FOR CATFISHING Cet out and focus on better, genuie Signs of a catfish: Cant pat the peran to Sype or et Pronises of viaits ver pan uut. Terd to use Eake peolies to be true often "too god ASK THE EXPERTS Improve online dating BEST-SELLING AUTHOR AND DATING EXPERT RACHEL GREENWALD OFFERS THE FOLLOWING ADVICE: kachal snys a lad profle pieture or quing to a singies event and leving ater you ranned the room once snbo loohing for a job with a poorly wrilton rune or oolving for a soles ob wher) you he an ccrdont 22 what you're dolng and impeuve upon it. ep te statenees Show ONLINE DATING your Derite the lime your backkoarked thrsush he Aaon perionality. PROFILE GURU LISA HOEHN Lisa says SAYS: Dont treat your profile ke an aulobiography 22 some details. Keep back so pe detals Ike collegn br Uplouda fresh one thometowns Undate your trodie Detala er grat foe Occsionale NAIL THE PHOTOS SHOWCASE YOURSELF MAIN PROFILE PHOTO SHOULD BE ONLY YOU HO FRIEMDS HO HDING BEHIND SUMGLASSES HD PETS DA HATS 45% show your face fully with. eyes open of online daters ar the shotos n prolile are the most inportant. A HIGH-QUALITY, CLEAR PHOTO lappiness tracts. Argry kookig 12% fewer responses No bathroom sellies (No one wants to see your dirty bwthroomll SHOW MATURITY Skip the kissy NO! and the suna of women sa sexy % photos are actunily /U aturnotf BEEF UP YOUR PHOTO COLLECTION ON YOUR PROFILE Accurate to your looks and lifestyle 3-6 photos - Flattering denuine and nabural Show yourselr Becent Accurate -Keen it sinpe elunteer work Last photo houl mark Travel photos to focus on you Crup the photo to keep potential dates altestion on yo. Are frierds pointing at a cool car? -1s a dog doing his tusiness in the background? is your friend hotter than yoa? -Being active -Ful body shot -to ocl setting Family oriented Wiah your pet Types of pbatos to consider: peonle do t HoW TO ACCENTUATE YOUR BEST FEATURES: Push the face forward, forehead out and chin anged facial features Avoiding the dout GREAT ANGLES To sppear taller: the body to the side and ace the slimmer nde camera andles les ouer the ther LIGHTING FACIAL EXPRESSIONS Light badkggourds beightern the face. Direct sunlight highlights inperfectiona *Skip the flash, even during the night. uni nghta haering snd looks less staged - Softer light smooths out wrinkles Look at the Smile camera Relaxed brows and CLOTHING C2 BE COLOR SMART The Serwry to Iwry tyle sying goes, "Dress for the Job you 'Dressing slly annealin -Hot colora, like beirht orange, green, and piak, can cause cane to have trouble with exposure and Cause photos to look oddly Solid colors are more attractive. Prapent vour best stye the sbt on dethes that ore balored to Teples phetes Hetering or O Crazyo PAjern are distncting clches that your CALL IN A PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY ONE OR TWO PROFESSIONAL SHOTS AT A TIME AVOIDS SELFIE CONSTRAINTS QUALITY RESULTS ON THE DATE DATES AVERAGE ABOUT BAD DATES $150-$200 Invest your time and noney IN ENJOYING A GODD DATE. a year can wste up to $1,000. BODY LANGUAGE 157 OF WOMEN BASE FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF MEN ON THEIR SELF-PRESENTATION AND BODY LANGUAGE. % () Folded anns Honesry andt Itnfomfortahle acceptance or angry Rulibine chin Open palms Comfertable and relaxed Thinking WHAT BODY LANGUAGE SAYS Drunming fingers Dilated pupiis Frustrated Interest Cacing awy Mimicking Guit Interest and NERVOUS? 3 TWO ALONE BEFORE THE DATE, TAKE A POWER STANCE. tumed up NINUTES RAISES TESTOSTERONE up in the ak BY ABOUT 20% POWER STANCES TAKE UP SPACE TO SHOW DOMINANCE. Inagne you LOWERS THE STRESS HORMONE CORTISOL BOOSIS • BY ABOUT OFTEN 25% CONFIDENCE FOOD CHOICES, AS REPORTED BY ASKMEN.COM Favorites SUSHI IS GREAT FOR A SECOND OR THIRO TIME OT. are best made ITALIAN AND CHINESE. ADVENTUROUS OPTIONS LIKE GREEK IS GOOD FOR A DOUBLE DATE ETHIOPIAN AND MOROCCAN ARE BEST SAVED FOR LATER Ethiopia and Greol food can affect areoth and lenve ИINTSI BIGGEST DEAL BREAKERS ORINKING SMOKING POLITICS RELIGION EDUCATION ETHNICITY CHILDREN BIGGEST TURN OFFS 9000 900 GAS AND BURPING VISIBLE NOSE HAIA BAD HAIR MAN BOOBS UGLY EYE GLASSES MISSING TEETH ACHE BIGGEST TURN ONS, ACCORDING TO A SURVEY CONDUCTED BY ONLINE OCASANOVA OF WOMEN WHO DATE ONLINE Proper spelling and punctuation on profile Effort in the profile Interests Passion outside of oneself Humor for dreams and goals Smiling in photos Positive attitude ONLINE DATING NIGHTMARES TO AVOID A guy tolel me hewas loohing for eginiond by nNt year so hed hawe meone to mit rent with A messane Eent to one womon soid You seem too good to be true. Ay budy thinks you're real arnd now we have a $20 bet gong Am/ bout WOMEN WERE ASKED BY Becnme a det loves being the subject of gambling.. and terrible pickup MENSFITNESS.COM ABOUT ONLINE DATING EXPERIENCES chan date alut whan he 'qut wasted poed ond mooped It vowith Ais cfothes, and then wore tham A woman's biggest anoyanor is poting 'a musane that says any fun weebend piars? That's realy cil they want to hnw Women wart to be valued, and net Ingenuity is not ahways attractive on atrst date, especially when bodily function are involved. obout me jun for generin plans. IF THE DATE TANKS Some doesn't hate people just don't click sudden nausea or miaraines? Excuse IT'S OKAY TO WALK AWAY FROM A BAD DATE yourself * phone call from a friend 30-40 minutes into the date and feign an I forgot I'm supposed to feed my triend's cat emer gency. by now." LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE IMPROVE YOUR PROFILE REGULARLY BE YOUR BEST SELF ALONG THE WAY КЕЕР LOOKING UNTIL THE RIGHT ONE COMES ALONG Relationships beginning online average 33 42 MONTHS % 18 befure marriage MONTHS of couples say they met their partners online. before marriage. Sources: askmen com,,,,,, zsobig.,,,, crn com,,,,,,,,,,, THE IDLE MAN.

How Men can Win at Online Dating

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If you've hit the wall with your Tinder success, or you're getting ignored on Happn, there could be a number of things you need to start doing differently. So to help you get back your winning streak,...


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