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How To Master The Digital First Impression

HOW TO MASTER THE DIGITAL FIRST IMPRESSION Online dating has made the art of digital impressions a daily concern for many people, and it's now crossed over into the business world. Potential employers are using the web to make instant decisions about you based on what they find online. So, how do you create the perfect digital first impression? GETTING THE PROVERBIAL 'RIGHT SWIPE' Sadly, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. And, according to research by Monster', the most important factors that help influence a positive fırst impression by employers are: 96% CANDIDATE'S TIMEKEEPING 93% LEVEL OF INTERVIEW PREPARATION 82%° ABILITY TO HOLD EYE CONTACT 73%° PERSONAL APPEARANCE 60%° QUALITY OF SMALL TALK 3 SECONDS These qualities are just as important when making an impression online as THE TIME IT TAKES MANAGERS TO DETERMINE they are in person. WHETHER THEY LIKE YOU, AND JUST 90 SECONDS TO DECIDE WHETHER TO HIRE YOU (ACCORDING TO CAREER EXPERTS). Clearly, it pays to make your initial interaction outstanding. HOW TO STAND OUT ONLINE 1 The first place an employer will look is LinkedIn, which is essentially your online CV. Create an engaging headline and use CREATE A STRONG LINKEDIN PRESENCE the summary box to tell people not only what you have done, but who you really are. You should also ask your connections to write you recommendations, which can be displayed on your page. 2 Though you would hope that your potential employer is not so shallow as to judge you on your looks alone, effectively that's exactly what they will be doing online. Invest in a professional headshot and leave your bathroom selfies on your phone. GO PROFESSIONAL WITH YOUR PHOTO 3 Follow the brands and employees of the companies that are relevant to your line of work and interact with them KNOW YOUR NETWORK regularly. However, avoid conflating your personal network with your professional network, as the results can often be detrimental to your reputation. 4 PREPARE YOURSELF FOR SKYPE Skype interviews are the new office interview. To ensure yours goes as smoothly as possible, make sure you have a strong internet connection, a professional username, are dressed to impress and keep eye contact throughout. 5 Thanks to Google's combined searches, video frequently shows up on page one of the results. Create a video biography or a short thought-leadership film and publish it to your YouTube channel - this is guaranteed to deliver a powerful first impression. UTILISE VIDEO >> 6. CHECK UP ON YOURSELF The best way to discover the allure of your online presence is Googling yourself. Keep tabs on any changes to your web persona by setting up a Google alert for your name. 7 Even if you don't think you need your own website yet, invest in your domain name anyway so it's ready for when you do. Then, when someone searches you, your website is likely to appear at the top of the search results. BUY YOUR DOMAIN NAME www 8 EXPRESS YOUR INDIVIDUALITY Drunken weekend-selfies aside, you should show off the accomplishments that you're proud of. Photos of your graduation, articles you wrote, the marathon you ran and the high-profile event you attended will show potential employers that you're more than just a tick-list of qualifications. With the possibility of our online presence replacing our CV in the near future, it pays to be prepared. KEEP YOUR WEB PROFILE UP TO DATE AND USE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO ENSURE YOU'RE THE ONE STANDING OUT FROM THE ONLINE CROWDS. On Stride SOURCES: ** Monster. (2014). First impressions count in hiring. Make yours a good one. *2 Giang, V. (2014). It takes just 3 seconds to make a brilliant first impression. FINANCIAL ** Marsh, A. (2015). How to succeed in a Skype and video interview. Arruda, W. (2015). How to master the digital first impression. Cooley, P. (2013). How to make a great first impression online. Next Generation Recruitment. (2014). The ultimate guide to a Skype interview. Wash, B. (2016). An era of digital first impressions. This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 Intermational License - Q

How To Master The Digital First Impression

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The world of work begins online these days, and the timing of your first impression is not always in your control. However, by using digital tools to capitalize on your online presence, you’ll alway...


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