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How Majestic SEO Works

How Majestic SEO works. step 1 Crawling software scans the Internet Crawling software returns data for building our internet map. Maiestic *...12 • Crawler Administrator Majestic-12 or one of its partners around the world installs crawling software on computer which is instructed by crawler controller to visit websites, view pages and return data. CRAWLER CONTROLLER This happens in background and the user is aware, but computer is usable by user whilst crawler works. + Internet connection Site: step 2 FRESH HISTORIC Crawler Controller The controller communicates with each distributed crawler collecting and collating crawl data, and setting the crawler's priorities, thereby directing the collective crawl effort. Deduplication made with algorithms and metrics step 3 Index Generation (1) Takes the collective crawled data and runs a series of algorithms over it to restructure the link data between URLS to be optimised for inbound link searching. Only the new data passes through and goes into the Indexes (2) Supplemented link data with improved metrics regarding the link, such as AC-Rank, date seen and country of origin. FRESH HISTORIC INDEX INDEX Updated daily Updated monthly Majestic SEO WEBSITE API SERVER OPEN APPS / INTERNAL USE / RESELLERS Automated access is charged at a premium cost depending on volume and license restrictions. OUR PLANS FREE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM + Low volume queries. Try before you buy limited information. Agency use. Agency use with automated access. Customers subscribe to tiered plans in order to perform specialist searches on our index of Internet data. Legend: - Website/Webpage = Crawler Administrator = Send & Receive data - Data MAJESTIC SEO Hundreds f Distributed crawlers around the world

How Majestic SEO Works

shared by GeeGrl on Mar 23
An infographic to give us some insights into how Majestic SEO actually works.


Majestic SEO


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