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How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe & Secure Infographic

KEEP YOUR PESKY HANDS OFF MY MOBILE DATA! TURNING IT ON Set up a strong password for your device (think combination of capitals, numbers and special characters) and ensure it has an automatic wipe function to kick in as a result of password failure- this is the first and simplest step to protect your sensitive company data CONTROL YOUR CONNECTIVITY Turn off your Bluetooth and deactivate the automatic connection to Wi-Fi, this setting can automatically be connecting to any/every public network wherever you go avoid hooking up to any old network or you risk having to explain to your boss where you have been Where are you hooking up? BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO IN PUBLIC If you want to participate in open networking and hotspots, then ensure you stay safe - always check the network is the genuine version and secure - NEVER access sensitive company information or online banking on a public network HACKERS LURK ON OPEN NETWORKS I'M A BAD APP YOU CAN'T TELL IF AN APP IS INFECTED JUST BY LOOKING Only download from trusted or approved sources- bad apps can carry malware, viruses, spyware and worms - never allow apps to 'remember your passwords YOU CAN TRUST ME! pick me! hellooco! BEWARE: FREE APPS CAN CARRY INFECTION KEEP IT HEALTHY Only download company-approved operating system updates to keep your mobile device in full health and on top of the latest security threats - your IT department is there to make sure all of your security holes are patched IT ONLY TAKES A FEW SECONDS... hey there. to have your mobile device stolen - are you prepared to tell your boss you have just lost the latest sensitive company information? (If you phone is stolen report it to the IT department immediately) DO IT BY REMOTE CONTROL If all else fails you can do-it-yourself – take back control by installing a remote-wipe app to ensure your sensitive work data doesn't fall into the wrong hands Im wiped out! YOU ARE IN MY POWER AND WILL DO AS I SAY.. DON'T GET CAUGHT IN COMPROMISING SITUATIONS: JAILBREAK PHONES ARE MORE AT RISK Jailbreaking is the process of removing the limitations on some mobile devices to allow the use of unautho and apps but at the same time this software DOWNLOADING APPS opens your device, and the data it contains, to the threat of hackers and infected apps PUBLIC WI-FI/HOTSPOTS SOCIAL NETWORKS PHISHING EMAIL PHISHING SMS PHISHING TAKE CARE: ONLINE BANKING OPEN NETWORKS PROTECT: WORK AND PERSONAL DATA im out of here Symantec.

How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe & Secure Infographic

shared by billytrail on Apr 14
This infographic tells people how to keep their smartphones safe from hacking.




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