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How Hackable is Your Life?

How HACKABLE HOW IS YOUR LIFE? THE THREAT In the world today, 170 million people own laptops and 1 billion people own smartphones – most of which have a camera installed in the screen. We do everything on them: sign into our email and social media accounts, take pictures, have conversations and access our most private information. Now, imagine someone was not only seeing what you access on your device, but was actually watching you while you did it. As it turns out, that happens more often than you think... 170 MILLION 1 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD OWN A LAPTOP PEOPLE IN THE WORLD OWN A SMARTPHONE 73% 69% 00 100,000 NEW VIRUS THREATS PER DAY OF ALL AMERICANS HAVE FALLEN VICTIM TO A LIKELIHOOD THAT YOU FORM OF CYBER-CRIME COULD BE HACKED IN YOUR LIFETIME PROTECT YOURSELF 1 ק + + O WWW.BANK ******* AVOID SPAM 0O Never open emails from an unknown source. This is the most common way for hackers to plant a virus in your system. USE REAL WEBSITES Don't access your frequently used websites from an email or other link. Type in the URL manually. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS O 00 O OOO 00 Create different passwords O for important accounts. It only takes 10 minutes to crack a 6-letter lowercase password. S. Rememb This Corputer? USE SECURE PAYMENT WEBSITES BE CAUTIOUS OF MOBILE DOWNLOADS Don't enter credit card info from your wallet! Choose a trusted secure site to make any online purchases. Many mobile infiltrations result from downloading a malicious game or application. DISABLE "REMEMBER YOUR COMPUTER" FEATURE Hackers can spoof your IP4 address or even use malware to hijack your computer this way. CLOSE YOUR LAPTOP This will prevent hackers from watching your every move. Alternatively, put tape over your camera at all times unless you're using it. UPDATE SOFTWARE The most at-risk computers are running software which has not been updated, and without up-to-date anti-virus software installed. POINTS OF ENTRY YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA Hackens Will .. ft Create what appears to be an official Facebook email account, prompting you to click on a link to a comment, then plant the chosen virus. YOUR SKYPE ACCOUNT Hackens Will.. Find your location by conducting a masked call to you and disabling notification so that they can access your IP address. They can track your movement in a city through numerous masked calls. YOUR WEBCAM Hackens Will.. Use spam emails with a form of malware called a RAT, or Remote Access Trojan, that tricks users into visiting a specific webpage, which grants them access to the webcam. YOUR SMARTPHONE 00 Hackens Will.. Create apps that install malware when downloaded. Your phone then receives hidden SMS messages that make it a part of botnet which can access your phone's camera. THE SCARIEST APP OUT THERE PLACERAIDER A new app shows how hackers can turn on your phone's camera and beam enough images into your home to obtain your personal information (mail with your address on it, info on your computer screen, financial documents, etc.). ...AND THE ABILITY TO SEE EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING! 000000 000 WHAT CAN THEY DO WITH IT? 00 There is an average 156-day lapse between the time a computer or phone is compromised and the time it's detected. This leaves attackers months to collect everything they need. What could they possibly do with it? Wipe out everything you own. 0000 O O00 www. CLOUD-BASED STORAGE MAKES HACKING EASIER All they needed to hack into Mat Huron's life – his laptop, iPad and smartphone billing address. Once in his Apple account, access to every file, account, picture and video of his family and newborn baby were wiped out. - was a credit card number and a Post Naked Pictunes on Your Facebook ACCOHUN O000 HACKER WATCHES DOZENS OF GIRLS THROUGH WEBCAMS Amy Wright was begged for cybersex and when she denied, the hacker threatened to post naked pictures if she called the cops. He ures because he'd been watching her for months, and he knew when she called the cops because he watched her do it. had the naked Stalk your family and Ehneaten déath. HACKER MAKES THREATENING CALLS FROM MYSPACE VIRUS “Tm going to hunt your Home family." ונ A hacked cell phone obtained through a malicious MySpace link allowed one hacker to stalk and harass the Kuykendall family, threatening dead pets, slit throats and school shootings. The hacker programmed the calls to come from their own phones. Cancel 3) #CHANGE THE GAME BROUGHT TO YOU BY IN THEATERS AUGUST 16 PARANOIA THE HUFFINGTON POST visual ly 888 D00000000000 000 po0000 000000 000 0000000 D00 000 ib00000 SI D0000 בL po0000

How Hackable is Your Life?

shared by visually on Aug 06
How Hackable is Your Life brought to you by Paranoia in theaters August 16. In the world today, 170 million people own laptops and 1 billion own smartphones. We do everything on them: sign into our...


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