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How Google Ranks a Website

HOW GOOGLE RANKS A WEBSITE Domain KEYWORD APPEARS IN TOP LEVEL IF YOU HAVE A WEBSITE ABOUT SELLING SHOES FOR EXAMPLE YOUR DOMAIN MIGHT BE WESELLSSHOES.Com SO THE KEYWORD IS Domain Chat starts witH CHeir target KeYworD Has an eDge over SItes CHat Don't. A SIte WICH VOLatILe ownersHIP or several proPS (in GOOGLE) may negate LiNKS PointinG CO CHE DOmain. page LeveL keYworD In TICLE TaG THIS IS an imPortant Piece - THIS SenDs FrequentLY USING a strong on- paGe SEO SIGnal. a keyword Having a keywworD appear more CHan any OCHER keyword acts as a relevanCY SIGNAL. content LENGCH 4 Becter CHan sHOrter SUperFIcial articLes More worDs can cover Image a WIDer BreadDCH. OPCIMIzation Images on-page senD searcH enGines IMPortant relLevancy SIGNALS. SIte Level contact uS Pace SIce UPpates HOW OFCEN a site is uppated. New content aDpeD Co CHe Sice. THIS Is a sice-wIDe GOOGLE QUALICY DOCument prefers sitesS WICH an... "appropriate amount OF Contact inFormation" FresHness Factor. YOu CUBE IC GIVES Preferential treatment in the SERPS. Remember, GOOGLE Owns YOUTUBE. searcH ENGINe Land FOunD CHAT YOUTUBE traFFIC increaseD siGNIFIcantLY aFter GOOGLE Panda. васк LinK 1989 2013 150$ 5$ BACKLINKS FROM ageD DOMAINS ARE MORE POWerfUL THAN NEWER DOMAINS PR OF LINK LOCATION LINKING PAGE ON PAGE THE PaGEranK OF CHE referring PAGE is an LINKS embEDDeD are more POwerfFUL CHan LINKS in tHe FOOter or SIDEbar area. excremelY imPortant rankinG Factor. SOcial SIGNALS THE AMOUNT OF TWEETS A PAGE HAS WILL INFLUENCE ICS rank in GOOGLE FACEBOOK SHARES ARE SIMILAR TO A BACKLINK and are stroNger THAN FACEBOOK LIKES WHAT NOT TO DO WEBSPAM CLOAKING THIS IS a BIG no-no. IF cauGHC YOur site WILL GET PenaLizeD and maYBE De-iNDexeD. PAID LINKS SItes CHat BUY paiD LInKS can Get DeindexeD or penaLizeD IF CcauGHC" AUTOGENERATED CONTENT GOOGLE ISn't a Fan OF CHIS. IF CHEY SUSPECC Your site's PUMPING OUt COmPuter-GenerateD content it WILL most LIKELY resuLt in a penaLtY. QUICKSPROUT source:

How Google Ranks a Website

shared by raghavraaz on Mar 28
In the How Google Ranks a Website Infographic below you can discover some powerful SEO facts and SEO tips.


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