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How Google Has Ruled Online Communciation

GOOGLE HOW HAS RULED ONLINE COMM UNICATION „ATA. GOOGLE STARTED OUT OF A GARAGE IN SILICON VALLEY. NOW IT GOOGLE HAS 70 OFFICES IN 40 GLOBAL LOCATIONS, AND IT'S COMPLETELY OVERTHROWN THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE. THEY CALL IT THE INFORMATION ERA.. But in 2012, a survey revealed that most people would rather not remember something if they know they can look it up online. . AND IN SEARCH, GOOGLE REIGNS SUPREME THERE ARE THERE ARE 87.700 191.5 BILLION worldwide searched on Google MILLION monthly unique visitors to Google sites GOOGLE IS SUCH A HUGE PART OF DAILY LIFE GOOGLE SEARCH WAS FOUNDED IN When they suffered a 5 minute outage, global web traffic dipped 40%. 1997 WHEN IT COMES TO COMMUNICATION, GOOGLE HAS SPENT THE PAST 10 YEARS AS KING OF FREE, EASY, INSTANT DELIVERY IT WAS THE FIRST TIME PEOPLE HAD HEARD ABOUT FREE "UNLIMITED" STORAGE While competitors were offering 2 to 4 MB of storage per account, gmail offered initial users 1 GB-practically "unlimited" space. NOW: Users have up to 10 GB of space GMAIL WAS INTRODUCED IN 2004 IT DIDN'T TAKE LONG BEFORE GOOGLE USED GMAIL T O UP IT'S COMMUNICATION GAME talk GOOGLE TALK GOOGLE VOICE In 2005, Google Talk was introduced as an inbrowser instant messaging feature. In 2010, Google added a plugin to allow Gmail users to make free VolP calls and texts from their Gmail accounts. Chats are automatically saved and archived in the user's Gmail account-searchable and accessible. There are 3.5 MILLION USERS Over 570,000 use the of Google Voice in 2013. service 7 days a week. WITH GMAIL INTEGRATION AND FEATURES LIKE Became an important tool for individuals and businesses alike, leveling the telecommunications playing field. Aa Voicemail transcription Call recording Call routing Conferencing 8 STREAMLINING THE CONVERSATION GOOGLE PLUS HANGOUTS Many Google Talk and Google Voice features have been integrated into Google's latest communication: GOOGLE PLUS HANGOUTS HELLO UP TO 10 PEOPLE CAN BE INCLUDED IN CALL INSIDE HANGOUTS PARTICIPANTS CAN Chat Text Share Documents Screen Share HANGOUTS PROVIDES Hangouts on Air turn any Hangout into an instant webcast. Hangouts can be recorded and shared on Plus and YouTube. FREE VIDEO CONFER ENCING AS A PART OF GOOGLE PLUS, HANGOUTS IS AVAILABLE TO ANY that connects users anywhere in the world, instantly, for free. ONE OF ITS 54ØM ACTIVE USERS -WHAT'S NEXT? * Google is all about user experience, and Google Plus is at the heart of that. PLUS CONTENT WILL NOW BE SEEN ACROSS THE WEB THROUGH +POST ADS. SALE! 8* As Google continues to spread it's domains, any communications advances will more than likely come connected to the Plus platform. GOOGLE PLUS IS GROWING AT A RATE OF 33% A YEAR SOURCES CREAT ED BY TsllfreeForwarding. gryffin.

How Google Has Ruled Online Communciation

shared by gryffin on May 16
Have a question and no one seems to know the answer to? Google it! For such a young kingdom, Google has managed to rule online communication. Check out how.




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