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How To Get Around Hadopi

CONTIADIFURNER HOW TO GET AROUND HADOPI AND DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND WANT 京 京 曾 The Hadopi piracy crackdown is real and can affect you. The largest Internet service providers (ISPS) have agreed to collaborate and your Internet traffic is monitored. THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE SCREWED: If copyright holders find that their content is being downloaded, they will alert the ISP and it all goes downhill from there. WHAT IS HADOPI EVOLUTION BUDGET HADOPI 14 12 10 Start Date of Hadopi : October 2010 In February 2015: The service has 53 months of activity 8 6 Financing : State subsidies 4 . TOTAL BUDGET: MORE THAN €43.000.000 BUDGET HADOPI MILLIONS 2011 IN C 2012 2013 2014 2015 STAFF: AVERAGE SALARIES OF PERSONNEL: AN AVERAGE AVERAGE WAGES OF 70 OF AROUND 880 EUROS DEDICATED PUBLIC SERVANTS AND JUDGES; FIRST STRIKE (FIRST EMAIL SENT): 4,145,143 = An average of 78.210 email a month ABOUT 10% DETACHED FROM THE ADMINISTRATION. SECOND STRIKE (REGISTERED MAIL) : 425 767 = An average of 8.033 a month Salary of General Secretary: more than €10.000,- VERDICT RETURN ED: 1810 = an average of 34 deliberations a month SENT TO ATTORNEY GENERAL : 233 = an average of 4 a month LEGAL OUTCOME: Suspension internet access: Sentences passed: Actual convictions: Reminder of the law: Release : 17 2 8. 7 sentences in progress Statistics since the establishment of the law (53 months of activity) STRIKE 1 TO STRIKE 2: 10,27% % STRIKE 1 TO VERDICT: 0,43% FROM VERDICT TO 12,9% PERCENTAGE OF CASES THAT PASS FROM ONE PHASE TO ANOTHER: ATTORNEY GENERAL: 0,04% PHASE 1 TO VERDICT: SENTENCES PASSED (17 JUDGMENTS MADE OUT OF THE THE FIRST EMAILS SENT): 0,00041% SENTENCES PASSED IN COMPARISON 7,3% TO RETURNED (233): PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE EFFECTS OF HADOPI! Sollutions for getting around Hadopi from use private networks to access data. use a a worldwide distributed Internet discussion system. VPN USENET another computer serves as a hub through which Internet requests are processed. private server used for the SEEDBOX uploading and downloading of digital files. PROXY a hyperlink that points to a location within the Internet where transmit or receive data over a DIRECT DOWNLOAD STREAMING computer network. the user can download a file. NO LIMITATIONS! USE IT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, UNDETECTED! GO TO CONTOURNERHADOPI.FR RIGHT NOW TO FIND OUT HOW TO BYPASS „HADOPI"!

How To Get Around Hadopi

shared by Infobrandz on Aug 12
This infographic tells us how to get around Hadopi and download all that you want from it. It explains that the Hadopi piracy being real, it can affect anyone as internet traffic is monitored. You wil...


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