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How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

How Fast is Your Connection? You could transfer 2GB, or 650 digital photos,of data via... ... DSL in the time it takes to fly from New York to London (6 hours) LONDON ... Modem in the time it takes to bicycle from New York to Chicago (4 days) CHICAGO ... Fiber in the time it takes to walk 14 city blocks (14 minutes) NEW YORK ... Cable in the time it takes to drive from New York to Philadelphia (about 2 hours at 60mph) A one page Word document s around 40KB An average digital photo is 3.14MB 1GB stores around 325 digital photos PHILADELPHIA 2GB store around 550 mp3 files 100GB could store 27,500 mp3 files or 32,500 digital photos 1 MB 1 GB 1 KB 2.8 min 2 days With DSL, you could A 1MB download on a modem happens in the time it takes to fry an egg. watch six episodes of your favorite sitcom in the time it'd take to download 1GB; the fastest fiber connection could download your files faster than the com- mercials from just lepisode. .17 sec A 56k modem connection can download 1KB in half the time it takes you to blink your eye. The fastest fiber optic connections do it over 400 times faster. 3 hours 10.7 sec ,01 sec 1.1 hours 6.8 min 4 sec .4 sec .004 sec 0004 sec Fiber Tier3 56k Modem DSL Turbo Cable Turbo 2 GB 100 GB 202 days (6.7 months) 23 Online Backups Review 4 days Using a 56k modem, it'd take almost a full work week to download 2GB of data, but with fiber optic your files would download before you could finish your lunch. A 100GB download would take over half a year using a 56k modem; the same files would take just half a day using a fiber connection. Sources: • new-web/news/ 12.6 days 6 hours 4.7 days 11.4 hours Mindsight%20%20Eye-tracking.htm 2.3hours 13.7 min • Google maps • Fiber Tier 3 Cable Turbo DSL Turbo Cable Turbo 56k Modem Fiber Tier3 Fiber Tier3 Cable Turbo DSL Turbo DSL Turbo 56k Modem 56k Modem Fiber Tier3 Cable Turbo DSL Turbo 56k Modem

How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

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A slow internet connection can be a real pain in the you know where and can really set back your workday. This infographic shows the different ways the internet is available to you and which ones are ...


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