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How fast is 5G

HOW FAST IS 5G? A SPEED COMPARISON On January 2, 2014 South Korea announced that they plan to roll out a next-generation 5G wireless network. This would be quick enough to download full-length movies in a mere second. The Ministry of Science said it aims to implement the technology, which is about 1.000 times faster than the current available 4G network, by 2020. $1.6 BILLION PLAN FOR NEXT-GEN 5G Key features of the network include Ultra-HD and Hologram transmission as wel as cutting-edge social networking services. WIRELESS SERVICES JUST HOW FAST ARE THEY? GPRS EDGE 3G 4G 5G 1997 50 Kbps 1998 250 Kbps 2001 384 Kbps 2009 150 Mbps 2020 6400 Mbps WHAT SIZE SHOULD YOUR WEBPAGE BE?* * Based upon studies that have shown the maximum allowed waiting time for a loading webpage is 4 seconds MAX MAX MAX MAX MAX 25 KB 125 192 KB 75 MB 3,2 GB KB HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO DOWNLOAD A 800MB MOVIE? ---- O days 7 hours 16 minutes O days 4 hours 44 minutes O days 0 hours O minutes 43 seconds O days O hours O minutes 1 days 12 hours 24 minutes 32 seconds 54 seconds 27 seconds 1 seconds * Based on the current 541 (+127GB) episodes listed on HOW FAST WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD ALL EPISODES OF THE SIMPSONS? 1 hours 8 months 3 days 6 hours 2 minutes 55 minutes 43 seconds 37 minutes 36 seconds 44 seconds YOU COULD EASILY LEARN YOU COULD GO TO A NEW LANGUAGE BEFORE YOUR THE GYM AND WORKOUT 1. GO TO THE RESTROOM DOWNLOAD IS COMPLETE BEFORE RELAXING ON 2. TAKE OUT A BEER USING GPRS AND STILL HAVE YOUR COUCH WITH A BIG 3. START WATCHING SOME FREE TIME LEFT BAG OF CHIPS AND A DIET COKE RESOURCES: korea-to-spend-1-5-billion-on-5g-movie-in-a-second-service/ articleshow/29193519.cms PRESENTED BY www.NETCREW.BE

How fast is 5G

shared by joeri.minnekeer on Feb 04
Korea revealed there plans with the new upcoming 5G network to come in 2020. We made a infographic showing what the speed could be and compared it to GPRS, EDGE, 3G & 4G speeds


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