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How Do You Shoot Video?

THE WORLD OF VIDEO IS CHANGING WILL YOU MAKE THE SWITCH? THE EVOLUTION OF VIDEO FOR THE YOUTUBE GENERATION THEN NOW A LOT HAS CHANGED IN 10 YEARS 2005 2010 2015 YouTube is YouTube receives over YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US 3 billion views per day born/purchased by Google in 2006 MiniDV is the Flip UltraHD camera brings 720p 8GB of digital storage 4 hours of video iPhone 6s launches format of choice Linear tape only holds 1 hour of video 128GB storage 60 hours HD video | 6 hours 4k video Video is posted to the web for the first time ever Video made on the go becomes more accessible with digital handheld video cameras Spontaneous video sharing is the new norm with a camera in every pocket for consumers HOW PEOPLE ARE WATCHING VIDEO ON THEIR PHONES VS. ... ... Younger Americans 18-29 YEAR-OLDS Older Americans I 50+ YEAR-OLDS 75% watch videos on 31% watch videos on their phone their phone 93% use their phone to prevent boredom 55% use their phone to prevent boredom Smartphones are used more prevalently by younger adults for news gathering, shooting video/taking photos, and listening to music Videos are expected to make up 60% of all mobile data traffic by 2020 and 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 MILLIONS ARE STREAMING, BILLIONS ARE WATCHING f LIVE MEERKAT PERISCOPE Facebook's in-app video streamer - 4 billion videos watched every day Live broadcast app platform - 2 million active users Stream live from your phone/tablet - 10 million users GLIDE TWITCH Live video messaging app - Over 2 billion messages sent Streaming channel catering to gamers - 100 million monthly active users Numbers as of September 2015 2015 TOP PAID YOUTUBERS FOCUS ON QUALITY AND POST OFTEN TO BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE GAMING PewDiePie Felix Kjellberg $12 million 40,353,246 Subscribers SKETCH COMEDY Smosh lan Hecox and Anthony Padilla $8.5 million 21,443,653 Subscribers MUSIC Lindseystomp Lindsey Stirling $6 million 7,219,232 Subscribers COMEDY RhettandLink Rhett McLaughlin & Charles Lincoln Neal II $4.5 million 3,836,398 Subscribers BEAUTY & MAKE-UP MichellePhan Michelle Phan $3.5 million 8,159,790 Subscribers COOKING RosannaPansino Rosanna Pansino $2.5 million 4,944,000 Subscribers YouTube subscribers as of 11/13/15 POINT AND SHOOT OPPORTUNITIES IN EVERY MARKET AND FOR ANY SKILL LEVEL CHURCH LITTLE LEAGUE LOCAL BIRTHDAY SERVICES BASEBALL GAMES GOVERNMENT MEETINGS PARTIES WORLDWIDE 642 million hours footage a year 18.2 million hours 4.8 million hours footage per year footage per year 2.03 million hours footage per year 300,000 services X 1 hour X 52 weeks 200,000 teams X 12 games per season X 2 hours per game 39,044 local governments X1 hour sessions X 52 weeks 321 Million birthdays X 2 hours per party 36 million 14.4 million 1.3 million 1.2 billion potential viewers potential viewers potential viewers potential viewers 60 median attendees X 600,000 weekend services 2.4 million participants nationwide 25,000 average city size X 6 family members per player 321 Million birthdays X 4 friends that didn't RSVP X 52 weeks By 2019, it would take close to 2 years to watch the amount of video that will be uploaded every second THE NEW MOBILE STUDIO - MULTIPLE ANGLES - EASY TO MONITOR AUDIO - STREAM LIVE VIDEO - INSERT POWERPOINT OR KEYNOTE - RECORD HD QUALITY - ADD GRAPHICS AND EFFECTS S Switcher Studio CREATE SOMETHING WORTH WATCHING Visit to get started Sources:,28804,2023689_2023773_2023766,00.html Switcher Studio N NOWSOURCING

How Do You Shoot Video?

shared by NowSourcing on Nov 23
Do you use a camcorder or your phone to shoot video? Learn more about the current state of video production and distribution from this infographic!




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