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How Do the Top TV Brands Rank on Energy Efficiency?

Average Enervee" Score (67 out of 100 EnerveeM Score for Televisions Report No. 1: 431 New Products on Sept. 26, 2012 older models fairly efficient very efficient 50 75 100 How Do the Top TV Brands Rank on Energy Efficiency? Before jumping at the next sale on flat screen TVs, you should be aware that television The energy costs range from $23 to as high as $2,402 over the lifetime of the product. Yes, you read that right. You may find, based on energy costs, it is cheaper to buy EnerveeM Score for TVs factors in a state of the art new TV than keep your old one. Just as MPG (Miles Per Gallon) Screen Size and measures the fuel efficiency of cars, the Enervee™ Score ranks the energy efficiency of electronics and appliances by making it super easy to choose the best product with the highest score to save you money. Energy Use How much does an energy efficient TV save? EnerveeT Score out of 100 EnerveeTM Score 93 43 SAVINGS $365 out of 100 SAMSUNG SCEPTRE 5-YEAR ELECTRICITY COST VS Samsung UN46EH5300 - 46" LED TV Electricity Cost: Purchase Price: Total Cost: $80.85 $799.99 $880.84 Sceptre X460BV-F120 - 46" LCD TV Electricity Cost: Purchase Price: Total Cost: $446.15 $529.99 $976.14 Running 5 hours/day plus standby power with conEdison rates in NY What is the most 69 84 energy efficient TV display? 62 Plasma LED LCD Average Enervee" Score by technology for TVs with screen sizes of 42" and larger Does size really make a difference on energy cost? $200 $278 $104 19"- 39" 40"- 59" 60"+ Average 5-year electricity cost for TVSS running 5 hours per day based on conEdison rates in NY Which brands have the most energy efficient Televisions? What type of TV user are you? 82 32" LED Average Enervee" Score 2hrs/day PLATINUM SH ARP 80 THE CASUAL ECO-VIEWER $23 PLATINUM SAMSUNG 80 Panasonic 74 GOLD 72 L LG 72 5hrs/day SILVER 50" LCD SONY 71 THE AVERAGE AMERICAN BRONZE $200 TOSHIBA 69 VIZIO 64 40 PHILIPS 64 12hrs/day 65" LCD W) Westinghouse 63 THE TV-AFICIONADO SANSUI (63 $2,414 Average Enervee Score (rounded to whole numbers) of 405 new products available on 9-5-2012. Minimum 10 products per brand 5-year electricity cost based on conEdison rates in NY Does where you live affect your TV's energy costs? NATIONAL AVERAGE $208 $388 SEATTLE, WA ELECTRICITY RATE $556 BOSTON, MA $196 IDAHO FALLS, UT $298 $690 $1,230 NEW YORK, NY KANSAS CITY, MO MAUI, HI $429 $330 LOS ANGELES, CA $392 AUSTIN, TX MIAMI, FL 5-year electricity cost for Toshiba 65HT2U 65" LCD TV running 5 hours/day $500 How much can you save by choosing a TV with higher EnerveeTM Score? $400 $300 SAVINGS $493 5-YEAR ELECTRICITY COST $200 5-year electricity savings potential vs. TV with lowest Enervee Score for EnerveeT Score for 55" TVs $100 50 60 70 80 90 100 55" TVs with conEdison rates in NY Score your TV now at: enervee Our mission is simple - to make it easier for you to find the products that save energy, save you money and help our planet. At Enervee we believe that great products have great energy and cost efficiency. watts in your wallet

How Do the Top TV Brands Rank on Energy Efficiency?

shared by enervee on Oct 01
Wondering what is the best new TV to buy? Look no further than Enervee's latest report which compares the energy efficiency of over 600 TVs from all of the top brands. Before jumping at the next sa...




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