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How the Digital Age Has Shaped Communication Management

HOW THE DIGITAL AGE HAS SHAPED COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT Communication is at the center of business and is instrumental in accomplishing business goals. With the influx of technology changing the face of business, communication management becomes even more important. Each year, the world becomes increasingly digitized, and the communication professionals of tomorrow must be prepared for the new landscape. IN 2012 84% 50% 19% of U.S. adults went of U.S. adults owned owned tablets online at least daily a smartphone HOW IS TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGING THE WAY WE MANAGE COMMUNICATION? SOCIAL MEDIA Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs, social media has changed the way businesses communicate with customers and employees. BUSINESS USE COMPANIES INCREASINGLY USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS: 87% 53% 58% 58% USE SOCIAL USE MICROBLOGS NETWORKS (SUCH AS TWITTER) USE MULTIMEDIA SHARING USE BLOGS BUSINESSES USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO: CONNECT AND COMMUNICATE WITH CUSTOMERS 58% 71% of businesses use social media to provide ways for customers to interact with the company of businesses use social media for communication AFFECT PERCEPTIONS OF THEIR PRODUCT OR ORGANIZATION Departments responsible for social media are usually: -69% -43% 35% MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS PUBLIC RELATIONS AN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION MANAGER MUST BE ABLE TO BALANCE DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH CUSTOMERS WHILE ALSO CREATING DYNAMIC SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS TELECOMMUTING With the technological capabilities of the Internet, employees no longer have to be located in the same physical location to work together. ABOUT 24% Hours per week typically spent telecommuting: of employed Americans work from home at least some hours each week CHALLENGES THAT ARISE WHEN EMPLOYEES ARE NOT IN THE WORKPLACE: A COMMUNICATION MANAGER MUST: Encourage deliberate and clear written communication by all employees Social isolation of employees 10 Mismanagement of work/life balance Show trust and respect for autonomous workers while setting realistic benchmarks and check-in times Difficulty getting quick responses Facilitate frequent opportunities for communication, including setting times for conferences Miscommunication Call-ins or video conferences are useful EVEN WITHIN THE OFFICE, MANY EMPLOYEES WILL SEND AN EMAIL INSTEAD OF WALKING DOWN THE HALL THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE AROUND THE WORLD, 85% OF THOSE WHO ARE ONLINE USE EMAIL, AND 62% USE SOCIAL NETWORKS WITH OTHER COUNTRIES EACH MONTH THE U.S. TRADES BILLIONS OF DOLLARS In January 2013, the U.S. traded (in imports and exports) -85% +62% $51.01 BILLION WITH CANADA EMAIL SOCIAL NETWORKS $46.56 BILLION WITH CHINA THIS GLOBAL TRADING WOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE TODAY $39.5 BILLION WITH MEXICO $16.36 Communication managers must be able to negotiate different languages and customs in order to communicate effectively with business partners from around the world BILLION WITH JAPAN $11.83 BILLION WITH GERMANY INTERESTED IN TACKLING THESE NEW COMMUNICATION CHALLENGES? A MASTER'S IN COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT FROM USC ANNENBERG CAN PREPARE A STUDENT FOR A NUMBER OF POSSIBILITIES, INCLUDING CAREERS IN: CORPORATE COMMUNICATION MARKETING COMMUNICATION SALES ADVERTISING PUBLIC RELATIONS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT AND MORE! SOURCES -9328b33f50b5/Presentation/NewsAttachment/b4048537-8865-4a95-gec5-Ob80a91da a2a/Survey-Social-Networks-in-the-Workplace-Around-the-World.pd III----III

How the Digital Age Has Shaped Communication Management

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This infographic talks about the ever-changing field of communications management. The digital age is responsible for changing the face of business as we know it forever, by allowing telecommuting, fu...


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