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How To Create A Website: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide [Infographic]

HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE aQ HOW WEBSITES WORK: A HOUSING ANALOGY WEB HOSTING IS LIKE A HOUSE. Most people rent house(s) or room(s) (subscribe to hosting packages) to stay (host their website). If you have a lot of VISITORS, you need rent more space to fit in more people. WEBSITE IS EVERYTHING IN YOUR HOUSE: furniture, interior design, etc. Visitors might leave your house if it's stinky and ugly! (Badly designed website) DOMAIN NAME IS LIKE A STREET ADDRESS. You need to register one so that people can find you. INTERNET CHROME INTERNET IS LIKE HIGHWAYS AND EXPLORER ROADS. WEB BROWSER IS LIKE A CAR. You enter the domain name and it will bring you to the destination. Just like cars, some browsers are fast and some are really slow. NOW, CHOOSE A WEBSITE PLATFORM So you wanna make money online? BLOG SOCIAL NETWORK Spruz BuddyPress Ye Wait it's possible? NO Size of your online store? E-COMMERCE FREE (no own custom domain) Ning Paid FREE (but require self-hosting & domain) START Are you serious in blogging & growing it? Large Small/Medium Shopify FORUM FREE (but require self-hosting & domain) → Which one do you prefer? Vanilla Forum MYBB NO WHICH TYPE OF Paid XenForo Do you have at least one developer & generate > 500k? YES WEBSITE? Simple, minimalist & modern design Err.. kinda Traditional, more extensible & customizable BigCommerce EVENT Wedding TheKnot I'm looking for... - No it's just a casual blog YES Others Do you want to have your own custom domain? ( PERSONAL/GROUP (Birthday, special occasions, etc.) Something simple, minimalistic, & just works A full-fledged CMS that is more customizable Willing to put in more time, effort, & money for more customizability? EDUCATION BUSINESS Does it have a blog section? Hotel Wix NO JL. Magento Others NO YES NO Business -> Paid (own domain, better support, & customizability) (Restaurant, small business, etc.) YES Looking for a Learning Management System? YES Which one sounds better? YES NO Weebly Squarespace Others Personal/Group (Resume, band, church, charity, etc.) Don't mind to get your hands dirty & want to maintain full control? No. Just want to post class notes, blog posts, etc. Better extensibility & customizability, but require more time & effort FREE(no own custom domain) Drag-and-drop, get a nice-looking site up fast with minimal effort, but less control & flexibility A photography blog? YES YES Photography portfolio PhotoShelter Tumblr NO l'll be writing... Tumblr For who? College/University students Moodle You need to spend at least $8/month then. Is that ok? YES Squarespace Looking for free site builder? Short & sweeeet stuff. Love to More words than share photos & memes too. posting photos & videos Nah that's expensive. No need custom domain then. Wix YES Blogger Old school Hippie or old school? Hippie Medium Primary/Secondary students Edmodo Squarespace No. I'm willing to pay for better support, more bandwidth, larger space, etc. COMPARISON OF POPULAR WEBSITE PLATFORMS WORDPRESS.COM WORDPRESS.ORG BLOGGER TUMBLR SQUARESPACE WIX WEEBLY SHOPIFY BIGCOMMERCE weebly I want to get a small & basic site up х ASAP I want to spend minimal time on maintenance I want to expand & scale the site in X) х х the future I want to maintain full control х х х х I want to create a 100% free website х X. FREE FREE FREE FREE from FREE FREE from from $8 $29 $29.95 (3GB storage limit) but require self-hosting & domain name registration (500MB storage & (Unlimited storage space, but bandwidth limit) (15GB storage limit) /month++ /month++ /month++ max. 10MB per upload) TO GET STARTED,CHECKR OUT THE FULL INSTRUCTIONS & DETAILS FOR EACH WEBSITE PLATFORM AT: PRESENTED BY: CARLCHEO.COM/BUILDWEBSITE

How To Create A Website: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide [Infographic]

shared by carlcheo on Feb 23
In this infographic, beginners will first learn how website works with an interesting housing analogy. Then, beginners can choose the best website platform or builder with the flowchart and comparis...



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