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How Computer Hacking Has Impacted Technology As We Know It

00 0 1 1 0 0 110 010O 00 0 111 100 HOW COMPUTER HACKING 01 0 101 00 10 10 0 001 1 1 HAS IMPACTED TECHNOLOGY AS WE KNOW IT Hackers have had a profound impact on the network and datacenter world, and it hasn't always been a negative. Whether hacking for the greater good, or for malicious intent, it is certain that technology would not be as advanced today without hackers From the first computer hackings in the 1960s at MIT and phone hackers, (aka phreaks), breaking into the network to make free calls in the 1970s, hacking has come a long way Every second, in various parts of the world, there are 18 cybercrime victims - about 1.6 million a day - according to a 2012 Norton by Symantec study 2012 DATA BREACHES ACROSS INDUSTRIES Manufactoring, • Transportation, and Utilities 20% Retail and . Restaurants 24% Information and Professional Services Firms 20% Financial . Organizations 35% 1% Other An estimated $1 trillion in intellectual property was stolen in 2008 alone Over 90% of user-generated passwords are vulnerable to hacking Hacking incidents are currently rising - It is estimated Over 70% of companies will suffer security issues from April 2013 till now HACKERS ARE NOT ALL BAD Different Types of Hackers НАСКERS CRACKERS TINKERERS People immensely skilled at navigating computer systems and diagnosing security flaws Those who use their hacking knowledge for malicious gain People who try new things that have had a revolutionary impact on the computer world SOME OF THE MOST NOTORIOUS HACKS IN HISTORY HOW HACKING HAS EVOLVED 2013 BIGGEST CYBER CRIME FILED IN US HISTORY "Reformed" hackers are working with businesses to strengthen their security by helping identify their weaknesses before a malicious hacker takes advantage of these vulnerabilities men from Russia and Ukraine stole over 160 million PAYMENT CARD NUMBERS FROM COMPANIES SUCH AS: V J.C. Penney Co. O JetBlue Airways Corp. v Carrefour SA v 7-eleven Hackathons are being held by large companies encouraging people to test the security of their systems resulting in more than $300 MILLION IN LOSSES HACKER: ONEL DE GUZMAN НАСК: The ILOVEYOU computer worm distributed through e-mail RESULT: MORE THAN 50 million reported infections across the world with billions of dollars in damage and overwritten files Companies are emerging that specialize in uncovering holes in security, many are led by former hackers HACKER: JONATHAN JAMES НАСК: Accessed vital DTRA and NASA computer servers "for fun" RESULT: 10 military computers were hacked which led to an overhaul of government security systems and $41,000 in damages Hackers are hacking into the social media accounts of hate groups to stop hate comments from surfacing HACKER: TIGER-M@TE НАСК: InMotion/Web Hosting Hub Defacement RESULT: Over 700,000 websites were hacked and defaced Hacktavists are using their computer hacking expertise to make political HACKER: GARY MCKINNON statements. НАСК: Accessed vital U.S. Military and NASA computer servers RESULT: He accessed 97 NASA computers and deleted operating files that caused an additional 2,000 military computers to fail HOW COMPANIES HAVE RESPONDED TO HACKING HACKER: VLADIMIR LEVIN НАСК: Intercepted Citibank's dial-up wire transfer accounts RESULT: $11 million intercepted, $10 million never recovered Social Media platforms have added additional verification steps to login to HACKER: ANONYMOUS НАСК: an account HostGator cPanel RESULT: 200 servers hacked to re-direct visitors to malicious third-party site where Trojan virus was then planted Forms that ask for personal information require user to perform a task such as identifying numbers or moving an arrow to avoid computers from gaining HACKER: ROBERT MORRIS НАСК: The invention of the first computer worm RESULT: access Over 6,000 computers were rendered useless HACKER: KEVIN POULSEN "Reformed" hackers are being employed to try to infiltrate the system and reveal weaknesses НАСК: Accessed FBI databases and jammed media phone lines RESULT: He won a Porsche 944 S2 and was featured on TV HACKER: ANONYMOUS Two-factor authentication is being enabled at a minimum НАСК: Spread of Malware via a widget RESULT: It is suspected that anywhere from 500,000 to 5 million domains were infiltrated and infected with the Malware TOP 3 WAYS TO AVOID BEING HACKED HACKER: JOSEPH THOMAS COLON НАСК: 1) Ensure constant network monitoring via Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) Accessed classified FBI and government employee passwords RESULT: He gained access to the passwords of 38,000 government employees and sparked the spending of $600 million in security upgrades Check and be aware of all possible 2) intrusion points into your network (web pages, external devices, email) HACKER: MARK ZUCKERBERG Use packet deduplication to ensure 3) more space is readily available for monitoring and storage НАСК: Accessed Harvard University's private student database RESULT: The invention of Facebook Sources atures/pc_pioneers_10_hackers_who_made_history?page=0,0 http://library.thinkquestorg/04oct/00460/hackingHistory.html http://www. eonviedture/HoW-to- ntup// APCON Solutions for Networks html

How Computer Hacking Has Impacted Technology As We Know It

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When we hear the term “computer hacking,” many of us may have an initial image of a scheming evil-doer in a dark room plotting to wreak havoc on some poor, unprotected network. In some cases, that...


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