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How a Coal Fired Power Station Works

COAL POWER STATION A coal power station burns coal to boil water. This makes steam that drives turbines and generates electricity. Despite being a non-renewable energy source and a contributor to CO2 emissions, coal power is responsible for approximately 40% of global electricity production. 1 Coal 2 Boiler 3 Generator 4 Cooling 5 Power Coal is produced in the ground over millions of years by the compression of plant matter. It is brought to the surface by mining. super-heated steam at 500°C. The steam is channeled through piping and into a turbine, which turns and drives the generator. This motion generates electricity. to pre-heat the boiling process. The turning of the generator makes electricity which is put through a transformer and sent via cables into the power grid. The coal is burned in a furnace The steam is cooled, turns back into water and is returned to the and exhaust gases are released. This boils water and creates boiler. The residual heat is used O 2014 wwW.GRAHAMSCUTT.CO.UK

How a Coal Fired Power Station Works

shared by grahamscutt on Mar 10
This infographic aims to educate a younger audience in how a coal fired power station works. It covers the basics and aims to be informative and entertaining.


Graham Scutt


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