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How To Choose The Right Generator?

GENERATOR How to Choose The Perfect Generator Natural disasters can have a massive impact on our dail life because of our increasing dependency on electricity. Generators offer a solution to resident owners, allowing them to power their homes in case of power failures. Instead of burning coals to turn tur- bines, generators use engines to convert gasoline, natural gas, and propane or diesel fuel into useful electricity. Generator Styles Portable ndby PTO RV Primary Use Multi-purpose Backup Agriculture Camping Gasoline Yes No No Yes Diesel Yes Yes No Yes Natural Gas Yes Yes No Yes Tractor Driven No No Yes No Watts 900-17.000 6k-100k 10k-150k 3k-12k Which generator is right for you? Portable Generators Standby Generators Portable generators are all about mobility. Standby generators are basically mini emergency power plants. They deliver electricity in remote areas un- plugged from the electrical grid. These permanently mounted generators Small, handheld generators are commonly used while camping or tailgating. are commonly fueled by reliable natural gas or propane. The electricitŲ is then routed into the home or business through Larger portable generators - surrounded by a protective steel frame - are commonly an automatic transfer switch, which also automatically starts and stops the genera- seen in the back of pickup trucks headed to tor. the next construction site or outdoor event. Power Take Off (PTO) Generators Recreational Vehicle (RV) Generators Power Take Off (PTO) generators are Recreational vehicles give you the freedom really just fancy alternators. The tractor to tour the country side without actually "roughing it." engine simply turns a shaft connected to the PTO to create electricity. Sometimes, however, you'll be parked in remote areas without electrical hookup - like outside your favorite stodium. AV gen- erators energize entire motor homes, including air conditioners. How Powerful Does Your Generator Need To Be? To figure out what capacity you need in a generator, tally the energy needs of all the appliances you want to use. Attempting to get a generator to power more than its capacity can cause seriouS damage to generator and appliances. SITUATION NORMAL If you never want to sacrifice the comforts of your everyday life due to power outage, Get prepared with at least a 20k watt standbų generator. A 20k watt generator can power Air Conditioner (3500w) Refrigerator (700w) Water Heater (3800w) Microwave (1440w) Desktop Computer (350w) Brought to you by: Temporary Power Solutions Power When You Need It The content & images created and used in the Infogroph is the property of Temporary Power Solutions. Please refrain from copying any part of the infogroph/content or the blog without our prior permission or without proper mention of our company name. Incase the content is copied without proper attribution, this will be considered as copyright infringement. = L

How To Choose The Right Generator?

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Generators offer a solution for industries and residents, allowing them to continue their tasks even during power failure. Generators use engine to covert natural gas, gasoline or diesel fuel into el...


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