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How to Buy Tablet PC and How They are Used Today

How To Buy. Tablet PCs And How They Are Used Today Guidelines on Choosing a Tablet PC When choosing a tablet PC, you must consider the differences between Apple's and Google's operating systems: APPLE ANDROID 3.0 iPad Honeycomb Operating System Clean and has an incredibly user friendly interface with great graphics, a sensitive touch screen, great battery life, Wi-Fi, & Bluetooth. Easy to use, slick, with 3D interface, superior customization than Apple, built in USB ports so any type of USB port enabled hardware can be plugged in. Price Apple does not offer discounts on hardware and strictly control the price of their units. Priced about $100-$200 cheaper than a comparably equipped iPad. They are provided by various manufacturers, so they can often be found at discounted prices. The popular tablet screen size today is approximately 10 inches and can be compared to a small laptop. iPad 2 comes with 9.7 inches at 1024-by-768 resolution. Some Android Honeycomb tablets features a higher resolution display of 10.1 inches at 1280-by-800. Screen Battery Life The battery doesn't last quite as long as the iPad 2 with comparable usage. This is probably due to the USB ports and other hardware differences on the Android. They have longer battery life than Android Tablets. Applications The apps tend to be more expensive than Android. Apps are regulated and must be approved by Apple before they are released. More free apps than apple. The apps are not regulated, so they are often updated as people report issues. You can choose where to purchase music and video. Hardware Apple controls the price and the features and they do not release new hardware updates often. With its open source platform, you can choose different hardware from a variety of manufacturers giving buyers an opportunity to often find newer hardware from various manufacturers. File Access iPad requires the use of its proprietary iTunes software for file transfer. This makes it difficult to manage files, share materials, and do what you need to do. You can directly access or manage files by plugging it into your computer. You can also drag and drop files from your PC, like with an external storage device, without the need for proprietary software. It isn't locked down. It allows for an open platform for adding plug-ins. It is flash compatible which means so you can watch YouTube videos or visit Flash sites on Android tablets. Compatibility Apple iOS operating system will not allow the use of third-party plug-ins, which limits its capabili- ties considerably. Types of Tablets According to Functionality Consumer Tablet This would include the iPad and Android-based tablets that are popular today. They are fun, thin, light-weight and have plenty of apps. Semi-Rugged Tablets They look pretty rugged, can withstand some drops and probably still work after some liquid spills on them. They also have rubber bumpers to protect against some vibration, especially if they are mounted. 3 Rugged Tablets Rugged tablet PCs are particularly appropriate for facility managers and can be mounted on vehicles for use when traveling to various areas of the facility. They are full computers operating on Windows platforms with robust software programs. Rugged tablets are designed to withstand the following: Shocks and Vibrations Immersion in liquids Drops to concrete: Extreme temperatures 4ft minimum S Go Tech References: %20 Evolution%20of9%620Tablet%20Computers&pub=FMJ&id=42999&mode=source

How to Buy Tablet PC and How They are Used Today

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This is an infographic on the early evolution of Tablet PC and how it has slowly become a part of the society. Tablet PCs have numerous applications which support its uses in education, business and s...


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