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: How Businesses Can Benefit from Custom Software Solutions [Visual asset]

How Businesses Can Benefit from CUSTOM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS If you're running a business, which of these options would you prefer: a generic software solution that can't be scaled to suit your company, or a tailored solution that can be updated and amended whenever the need arises so that you're getting the best solution for you? This infographic outlines why custom software solutions should be a priority for any business. DID YOU KNOW 27% On average, IT shops spend 27% of their software budget on custom software applications, including software languages, servers and application architecture. (Forrester) 1 out of 8 companies spend The UK's 50 largest banks and financial companies spend an average of £5 million ($8.2 million) each on custom software every year. more than 50% of their software budget on custom software development. (Forrester) (Computer Weekly, RFW Associates) WHAT TO CONSIDER The purpose & operation of your business (i.e. what you do & how you do it) The size of your business (i.e. number of staff, The people within your business who would use amount of budget) custom software The scope for improvement if custom software was implemented (i.e. can you steal a march on your competitors?) The business needs that The cost involved in adapting the software to your business' needs The steps involved in modifying the software when new versions are custom software would fulfil released WHY MIGHT BUSINESSES REFRAIN FROM USING CUSTOM SOFTWARE? Even though custom software is recommended for every business, some companies mistakenly believe that it isn't necessary for various reasons: They feel that an off-the-shelf solution advanced software would would be adequate for their business They don't think they They feel that it would They don't think that have the budget for a take too long to implement a custom solution custom solution give their business a competitive advantage WHICH BUSINESSES NEED CUSTOM SOFTWARE? Custom software is something that every business should strongly consider, although it is especially recommended for: **** Businesses undergoing expansion, as having a custom platform can make expansion processes uniform and more fluid between all standardised across the board Businesses working with international clients, as communication is Businesses in highly implement cost-cutting competitive markets, as custom software allows for customers' needs to Businesses needing to measures, as custom software eliminates the need for multiple licensing fees, thus freeing up budget to retain staff instead of be served quicker and more comprehensively, which in turn will help to retain them in the long-term parties and overseas clients can benefit from the increased capabilities of custom frameworks being forced to let people go BENEFITS OF CUSTOM SOFTWARE Timely updates When you purchase off-the-shelf software, it is built by a third-party vendor who cannot go back and customise it with technological updates. With custom software, you can update it as frequently as you need. Scalability Off-the-shelf software does not evolve in tandem with your business. By entrusting a software firm to build a bespoke solution, they can scale it to correspond with the growth of your business. Greater protection against hackers Generic software can easily be hacked, so exposure to external threats is constantly high. When you use custom software, you can outline vulnerabilities to a software firm, who will address them systematically to maximise protection against hacks. More cost-effective With off-the-shelf software, you have no choice but to buy the full package, even if many of its features aren't applicable to your business. By choosing custom software, you'll only need to pay for the features that you need and you won't have to purchase additional hardware, as the software can be incorporated into your existing hardware. Integration A custom software solution integrates a variety of programs that would otherwise need to be managed independently, which would be far too awkward and time-consuming. It also aids productivity, as the system is far less likely to drop if software packages complement each other seamlessly. Ongoing technical support Using a custom software solution gives you continuous access to a reliable technical support team who developed the solution and will be able to resolve technical issues quickly and effectively. Stability If you use an off-the-shelf software solution that is taken out of circulation or made by a company which goes bankrupt, you'll need to find a new solution hastily. With custom software, it is maintained for as long as you need it. Less training required Custom software will probably require minimal configuration work and it is likely to be intuitive to your staff, so you won't need to dedicate resources to lengthy training programmes. Efficiency A custom software solution can be constructed to automate certain menial tasks that would take staff a long time to complete, improving efficiency and allowing staff to focus their attention elsewhere. Access to expertise The best custom software developers can make recommendations on how it can be used to benefit your business and use their technical knowledge to see things that you would otherwise have missed. EXPERT OPINIONS Kendall Wyman, Global account manager at Art & Logic "How can you use custom software to optimise business processes effectively? One great first step is to simply talk to your team. Ask about areas of frustration, or tasks that they perceive as avoidably onerous. This will typically give you some useful insight into areas for potential improvement." Aaron Continelli, President of Cre8tive Technology and Design "The costs and energy of having a customised platform are justified by creating a more efficient means of doing business. Creating custom software can eliminate the excess while ensuring that a business has everything it needs." Tandy Lofland, President of Intergroup Capital "Chances are your organisation has countless daily tasks that require the attention of one or more people. Those tasks can be replicated in a custom software solution that will accomplish the same goals, and in many cases add improvements that would be too cumbersome or complicated for humans to regularly perform." *The people quoted are in no way affiliated with ERS IT Solutions. References -software-over-canned-solutions/#7a1a7a13c371 mon-problems/ ers ITSOLUTIONS --- ---- --- ---- ---- AAA

: How Businesses Can Benefit from Custom Software Solutions [Visual asset]

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Off-the-shelf solutions might seem quick and easy, but they offer you no freedom and often fail to meet your specific business needs. That won’t be an issue with custom software, as it can be tailor...


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