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How Brushless Motors Rocked Our World

HOW BRUSHLESS MOTORS ROCKED OUR WORLD WHAT IS A BRUSHLESS MOTOR? Brushless, or BLDC motors require no external power or connections to start and instead uses sensors or rotary encoders. Brushless motors create electricity using four permanent magnets and control circuitry. Brushless Motors were created in 1962 as a replacement for traditional mechanised brushed motors and have been improving ever since. Brushed electric motors were created in the 1800s and rely on a simple design which generates electricity using metal brushes, an axle and a field magnet. Compared to mechanised brush motors, brushless motors have many advantages that have helped drive the advancement of technology over the past 50 years. Brushless/BLDC Motors... Have a longer life as there is no wear and tear from friction on motor brushes Are silent Are smaller than traditional DC motors Run more efficiently and faster, with no limit on speed Are smarter as they can sense and adjust to resistance Create no sparks as the technology requires no friction Do not need to be cooled, so they can be completely enclosed. They have enabled some of the most futuristic and ground-breaking technology around! BLADELESS FAN Able to produce both hot and cool air, the bladeless fan is an incredible piece of futuristic technology with a brushless motor at its centre. ELECTRIC CARS Brushless motors are found in electric cars, bikes and hybrid vehicles. Brushless motors in electric vehicles also makes them safer and longer lasting than their fuel powered counterparts. LAPTOPS Cooling fans are operated by small, silent brushless motors, which means incredibly powerful laptops can run for hours without melting your lap! T CORDLESS POWER TOOLS The efficiency of brushless motors means long periods between charging, which has transformed the DIY and construction industry. BATTERY POWERED ROCKETS Rocket Lab has created an efficient "battery powered" rocket using a brushless motor that will be able to launch 100 satellites a year at the tenth of the cost as a normal booster. SEGWAY SCOOTER The unique sensitivity and power of the segway comes from a brushless motor. It may not have become the transport of the future, but it's a huge industry! PORTABLE VENTILATORS FOR HOSPITALS Brushless motors have also revolutionised medical technology, helping develop smaller and more portable life saving items such as portable ventilators and sleep apnea machines. As more advantages to the brushless motor are found, demand continues to grow. The industry has boomed over the past 20 YEARS, with the market growing from $300 MILLION to a huge $1.3 BILLION in just 7 YEARS (2003- 2010) Presented by: ALPHA ELECTRICS Industrial & Technical Services GTSP

How Brushless Motors Rocked Our World

shared by AlexGillham on Aug 09
Not many people have heard of a brushless motor but you've probably used something that is made with one! This infographic explains simply what a brushless motor is and why they've been important in t...


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