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How to Become a Google Plus Wizard

HOW T O BECOME A GOOGLE PLUS WIZARD Expecto Resulionr Google Plus is one of the most amazing resources on the web-but also the most under-utilized. Follow this guide to learn how to navigate the magical world of Google Plus - and eventually become a Google Plus Wizard. GOOGLE PLUS 3ΥΤHE NU BΕRS ACTIVE USERS GROWTH PER YEAR 300,000,Ø00 63% 37% MEN WOMEN 39% x 10,000,000 PLUS MIGHT SEEM LIKE AN UNDERDOG NOW. BUT IT'S READY FOR THE TAKING AND FULL OF INDUSTRY INFLUENCERS. On Plus you can find. Marketers 48% 40% AVERAGE TIME SPENT ON PLUS: 6.9 Fortune Global 100 companies minutes/month Home Depot has over 440,000 followers on Plus, sharing daily on Plus and getting an average of 50 +1's per post. WITH GOOGLE PLUS RANK BETTER ON GOOGLE SEARCH Google is using Plus to incorporate social signals into their search results ranking algorithm. This means.. PROFILES POSTS LINKS SOCIAL SIGNALS (+1/Reshares) „WILL ALL BE INCORPORATED INTO FUTURE RANKINGS IT'S ALL ABOUT AUTHORITY! Who you know, and who knows you, can determine where you show up on Google Search and Google Plus. GET YOURSELF INTO THE INFLUENCE LOOP GARY VAYNERCHUK Peope e tolow you is the co-founder and CEO of Vayner Media. A social media genius, Gary has well over two million followers. higher You ek higher tolow conten More peope They share GOOGLE PLUS GETTING STARTED REMEMBER HOW WE SAID IT'S ALL ABOUT VISIBILITY? YOU CAN'T IGNORE THE SMALL DETAILS ! GOOGLE ACCOUNT NAME Google sends invites to people vanity URLS based on account names HOVERCARD Your hovercard will display on almost ALL aspects of Plus. * It will allow people to follow you instantly. It's your first impression-make it good AUTHORSHIP Authorship allows you (and your business) to establish authority on Google Plus AND across the entire web. MARK TRAPHAGEN is a content marketing 05. How To Get Your Google Plus Business Page to Rank Higher www.howto .comgoogleplus consultant and an expert Goog in online branding and authorship. He has over by John Doe 75,000 followers. When you have greater authority, your posts and profile will rank higher in search engine results! GOOGLE PLUS SURFING THE GOOGLE PLUS STRE AM FIND YOUR INFLUENCERS GOOGLE PLUS CIRCLES Put people in the right circles to "categorize" the type of content you find on your Plus stream FINDING PEOPLE ON GOOGLE PLUS IS EASY: LOUIS GRAY is a Googler and head of Google Developers Live. His 195,845 followers are exposed to his thoughts on tech and his toddlers. Google's "Find People Find People by Topics suggestions Large, niche-specific Shared Circles communities GOOGLE PLUS SHARING CONTENT CONSISTENCY IS KEY! G CONSISTENCY Share content, images, videos, and infographics on a daily basis, and watch your popularity grow! TO START WITH, SHARED CONTENT SHOULD BE. ENTERTAINING CONTENT PROMOTIONAL/ SALE POTION INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC 80% 20% As your following grows, you can begin to share. As your following grows, you can begin to share. 50% 50% WHEN POSTING, BE SURE TO USE @ +Mentions Commentary On Google Plus, unlike other social platforms, you can include text that is bold, italicized and striked-throuagh. Hashtags Formatting! HOW TO FORMAT TEXT IN YOUR POSTS BOLD ITALIC PEG FITZPATRICK Use an Asterisk Use underscore italic is a writer and social *bold media guru. She currently boasts CROSSED OUT BOLD ITALIC 230,000 followers and has mastered eg. bold italic Use a dash -crossed out- *-bold italic- Plustiquette. THE MORE YOUR SHARE, THE MORE AUTHORITY YOU'LL BUILD! BONUS MAGICAL SECRETS TO GOOGLE PLU S SUCCESS IN AN HOUR A DAY SHHHH DONT TELL ANYONE. HANGOUTS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS Use Hangouts on Air to create Create a schedule Use long-tail keywords as engagement, video content, for weekly hangouts the topic of your hangout and connect with influencers. to increase SEO power DARY CONTENr SHARE CONTENT DAILY Update your profile 2-3 Share a mixture of content, The best time to share times per day! images, videos, gifs, and entertaining content content is between 9am-Spm Eastern Standard Time REACH OUT TO INFLUENCERS SHARE Communicate with at least 3 major influencers via "plus mentioning" or Getting influencers to share your commenting on their content. content is worth their weight in gold USE COMMUNITIES Communities are where Google Plus magic happens - it's where you'll find your audience, and engage with people to follow you and share your content. Find large, active communities and follow people daily. Answer questions, share content, and regularly engage with your communities! Create ONE branded "Home Create SEVERAL niche communities community for both general for different audiences within your and industry topics. consumer base. FOLLOWER GROWTH NEW Follow a few new people Follow people from Follow people from the daily- many of them will Popular posts. communities that you're follow you back! actively participating in AND THE SECRET INGREDIENT: ENGAGE! Google Plus is a great place to S W FRIEND make new friends and discover Engage with others, and they shall engage new Brand Ambassadors back with you! GRYFFIN MEDIA READ MORE SOw you

How to Become a Google Plus Wizard

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Mix together the right skills and content and you can become a Google Plus Wizard! The numbers are stirring up, so check out this Wizard's guide to becoming Google+ savvy!




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