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How to be more Productive at Home

Open Colleges HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE AT HOME Even at home, the right technology tools can help you to accomplish everyday tasks far more efficiently. Whether you need help waking up on time, fitting in your exercise, checking things off your to-do-list, or managing your personal finances, the following productivity apps and gadgets will help streamline your day from start to finish. PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY TIPS, APPS & TOOLS mi ff micoach isleep Easy Remember The Milk FriendFeed The busier you are the more important it is to stay in shape, and miCoach keeps you both mentally and physically fit by If you tend to have trouble clearing your mind when bedtime rolls around, the isleep Easy app No matter what you have going on today, Remember The Milk will help everything run more smoothly. It sends text or email reminders and allows you to All work and no play makes life dull, but if you don't want to waste too much time updating can help you by taking you through various breathing your Facebook and Twitter, FriendFeed can help. It lets you acting as your very own personal trainer. It lets you set up your workouts in advance, choose exercises and relaxation share and access tasks and lists share your content in one place, create different groups for sharing different content, or publish your feed to a website or blog. techniques, and it also provides a range of music or nature from your phone, and set up from various training plans, track your performance and benefit from real-time coaching. recurring tasks. sounds to help you doze off. 30:00 Shake-N-Wake Kensington Proximo Tag 30/30 HabitRPG The Shake-N-Wake vibration-only As long as you don't lose all your items at the same time, this great little gadget by Kensington solves the frustrating problem of misplaced items. It activates your phone's alarm The 30/30 app helps you settle into the different routines you HabitRPG is a great app for forming solid habits that become second alarm spares you the unpleasant awakening that regular alarm clocks are known for, and you follow each day. For example, won't wake up the kids or your roommate either. It can be worn on your wrist or stashed under your pillow for easy access. when you get home at the end of the day, the app can remind you to check your messages, do a quick de-cluttering of the home and pack the kids' lunches. nature. It gamifies your everyday routines by rewarding you with experience points and gold each time you check a task off your to-do with one click and attaches to list or finish a project; while failing to complete a task costs you points. any object (like your keys) so that they can be tracked through your phone. Portable Bluetooth Speaker Pocketbook TimeDoctor CheckMark Pocketbook helps you take control of your finances by syncing to your bank account and giving you a Whether you're cooking a meal, cleaning the bathroom or folding laundry, you can take your learning with you by using a Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Listen to TED Talks, podcasts, audio books or even just a great tune to get Whether you work from home or just need help managing your personal time more effectively, TimeDoctor is a great tool to have. It tracks the time you spend browsing websi or working on other activities, and sends you reports telling CheckMark is a location-based reminder app that alerts you of any tasks that need to be completed when you enter or exit a particular location. For example home on a Wednesday evening, it can remind you to take the bin out or call your mother. real-time overview of your finances. It shows you exactly where your money peing spent, and writing emails, when you get you in the right frame of mind. One budget friendly option is the HDMX Jam Plus portable speaker. saves you time and money with its easy-to-use budgeting tool, smart notifications, and you how much time each website automatic bill detection. or activity is costing you. Google Goggles Robin or Siri Habit List Drafs If you're not ready to splurge on Google Glass just yet, the Google Goggles app offers one very useful feature. If you see a book, sign, barcode, product, or anything else you'd like to know more about, all you have to do is point the app at the object in question and let Goggles tell you everything about it. If you're trying to form new habits, getting frequent reminders and feedback on your behaviour can keep your motivation levels high. The Habit List app will send you reminders and badges; show Looking for a great personal assistant on a budget? Try Siri if you're an iPhone user or Robin Ideas often at the most unlikely moments, and you won't usually have time to put them into action immediately. Drafts allows you to jot if you use Android. You'll have everything from directions and traffic alerts to vacant parking spots or information on prices and weather right at your fingertips. you your weekly and monthly completion percentage; and allow you to easily spot areas where you need to improve. down your idea and export it to web locations like Dropbox, Evernote or Buffer, so you can perfect it when you have more time. Lyrics Good Job Get 'em up way high Gimme gimme that high five Good time Get 'em way down low Gimme gimme that low dough To-do list • Thank Tony for dinner • Post Becky's present Slice Stickies Polar Loop Expense Magic If you do a lot of shopping online, it can be tricky to keep track of receipts and delivery dates. Slice helps you stay organised by showing you what you bought, where you bought it, and when it will arrive. Stickies is the virtual version Polar Loop is a lightweight bracelet that allows you to track all your activity throughout the day and night. It shows you how many calories you burn and how many Expense Magic app makes it easy to track expenses by allowing you to take pictures of receipts, tickets and invoices, which are then typed of the well-loved post it notes. It lets you create and attach reminders to websites, into expense reports and spreadsheets, and sent to you on a monthly basis. documents and folders, so that they show up only when you need them. You can also set up alarms to remind you of deadlines or transfer your notes to other PCs or share them with others. steps you take on a daily basis. It also shows you how many hours of sleep you're getting and whether you're getting quality sleep based on your activity levels. 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How to be more Productive at Home

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Ever thought about using apps to improve your personal productivity? One of these 20 apps may be the solution to address a specific problem you have.


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