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How to Avoid Another #WiFail

HOW TO AVOID ANOTHER #WIFAIL ... //// DEFINITION: WIFAIL [why-feyl] anytime a user connected to the wireless network can't perform a mission-critical task due to network congestion. Synonyms: any number of inappropriate 4-letter words %!#& @#$! $#&! Ex.: "Great, my browser just timed out again, and I can't log into Salesforce. Looks like another #WiFail." THE AVERAGE SMARTPHONE HAS OVER 4O APPS in 8+ O W TED W 280 f digg PANDORA TE sale force ETSE¥ ESTI V Unpredictable usage patterns V Unpredictable bandwidth consumption streaming / email / online backups / SaaS business apps, etc. ENTERPRISE WIRELESS NETWORKS NOW HAVE TO: Identify and prioritize applications Ensure business critical applications do not #WiFail Enforce QoS to meet SLAS WAYS TO PREVENT ANOTHER #WIFAIL BASIC: APPLICATION GATEWAYS ONLY STRENGTHS: Controls applications accessing internet >……. ....> WEAKNESSES: Does not control internal business applications - ERP, HR systems, CRM, order management Does not control IP PBX, VolP, SIP streaming voice traffic Does not prevent main #WiFail cause - Wi-Fi congestion Does not control P2P traffic AVERAGE: /P ADDRESS PAIR-BASED CONTROL STRENGTHS: Identify groups of applications WEAKNESSES: Applications using non-standard or dynamic ports are hard to control No granular control E.g. cannot differentiate Farmville application from customer engagement through Facebook update. f-? - FARMVILLE Azynga DETERMINE APPLICATION TRAFFIC BY: Port identification Protocol ID Regex classification schemes BEST: LAYER 7 DEEP PACKET INSPECTION (DPI) AT THE EDGE WHY DPI? Highest accuracy Uses application signatures Looks deeper than just headers Understands application behaviors Recognizes conversation and flow between end points HOW DPI + ON-BOARD CONTROLLER PREVENTS YOUR NEXT ... //// #WIFAIL Identify and analyze application traffic in real-time v Control network traffic by blocking or throttling V Block risky or out-of-policy apps Control where it matters-at the edge -0- v Controlled recreational traffic + no wasted Wi-Fi + less Wi-Fi congestion = No #VWiFail %3D XİRRUS AVOID ANOTHER #WIFAIL: High Performance Wireless Networks :)

How to Avoid Another #WiFail

shared by Xirrus on Nov 08
We've all experienced it. That moment you really need the wireless to work to finish that thing you're working on...and then it doesn't. That's a #WiFail. This infographic takes a look at common wa...




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