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How Are Mobile Phones Changing Social Media?

HOW ARE MOBILE PHONES ACCESS TO SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES CHANGING ON MOBILE BROWSERS JAN 2009 SOCIAL MEDIA? 30.8% JAN 2010 Social media is a natural sweet spot for mobile since mobile devices are at the center of how people commu- nicate with their cir-cle of friends, whether by phone. 22.5% text, email, or, incr-easingly, accessing social networking sites via a mobile browser. MARK DONOVAN VP OF MOBILE - COMSCORE 11.1% 6.% 6.5% SMART OTHER ALL MOBILE PHONES PHONES PHONES *DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCESS OF SOCIAL METWORKS THE EMLLION MOBLE PONE owNERS WHO DO SO SOLELY THROUCH MOBLE APPLICATIONS THERE ARE MORE THAN 100 MILLION ACTIVE USERS MOBILE BROWSER ACCESS BY SITE: CURRENTLY ACCESSING FACEBOOK THROUGH THEIR MOBILE DEVICES. N THOUSANDS PEOPLE THAT USE FACEBOOK ON THEIR MOBILE DE- VICES ARE TWICE MORE ACTIVE ON FACEBOOK THAN JAN 2009 NON-MOBILE USERS. THERE ARE MORE THAN 200 MOBILE OPERATORS IN 60 COUNTRIES WORKING TO DEPLOY AND PROMOTE FACEBOOK MOBILE PRODUCTS. JAN 2010 25,1 FACEBOOK MOBILE USERS WORLDWIDE 100 12.338 11EN 11,439 4700 1O51 1,051 FACEBOOK MYSPACE TWITTER 11/08 02/10 HOW ARE PEOPLE USING SOCIAL MEDIA 47% 33% ON THEIR MOBILE DEVICES?" BROWSE SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES POST PHOTOS ON SOCIAL NETWORK SITE 62% 33% facebook SENDRECEME INSTANT MESSAGES FORWARD ITEMS THROUCH SOCIAL NETWORKING SIT 29% 28% POST TO A MESSAGE BOARD TAG PHonos 35% 24% COMMENT OF SsOCIAL NETWORK SITE COMMENT ON BLOG 34% 29% PONSUSO 10ONIN NESDEDWITH MBE CHAT ON SOCIAL NETWORK SITE CONNECT WITH OnHER PROFESSIONALS ON SITE The number of cellular phone users in general connecting to Facebook through a mobile browser grew by 112% pfrom a year ago, while Twitter experienceda 347% jump At the end of 2009, 17% of mobile phone users had smartphones, up from 11% at the end of 2008. In january 2010, more than 25 million Facebook users accessed the site via a mobile browser. COMPARED TO THE AVERAGE WEB USER, MOBILE SOCIAL NETWORKING USAGE BY MOBILE USERS SOCIALIZE MORE ONLINE THE NUMBERS: BY GENDER: 91% 79% MEN WOMEN FOR US MOBILE PHONE USERS. THE AVERAGE TIME SPENT BROWSING VIA THEIR MOBILE DEVICE IS 2.7 HOURS PER DAY. BY AGE: 13-17 SOURCES 18-24 "p/ meticel-231osos Entre Res/ acebook and Ter Acce Mobile Browner Grewn by le Oigts h ww ht o4s4274 25-34 35-54 Mtp/ ww.neoggtechoandered/20oananer ers amoe deic H ewwtwtecom/ esaletwoing newmoepulnme hand 55-64 ognieencomielseeunine molersia networking women usemobilemore tha men 65+ Flowtown.

How Are Mobile Phones Changing Social Media?

shared by kevin on Mar 21
Assuming you had an iPhone, why wouldn't you have a Twitter app? With the advent of smartphones and other high-powered mobile technologies, social media suddenly became synonymous with mobile media. T...




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