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How Android Is Driving Innovation In This Space

EMBEDDED ANDROID: Embedded Android equips Automotive Driving OEMS with an application rich, customizable, and cost-effective OS for in-car infotainment (IVI) system INFOTAINMENTE development. Dashboard Innovation MARKET APPEAL: THE AUTOMOTIVE DASHBOARD & TELEMATICS MARKET IS THRIVING $15 Billion 89Million USD vehicles will be monitored worldwide 15°F 2:45 AM WORLDWIDE TELEMATICS MARKET 2011 2017 2016 2018 wifi on $31.5Billion 35.1Million USD cars will be shipped with IVI systems using smartphone technology VEHICLES WITH BUILT-IN PROJECTED TELEMATICS INSTALLED CONNECTIVITY: IN NEW VEHICLES BY 2025: 2014 AROUND 10% 104 16 Million in Million the US Globally 2020 PROJECTED 90% 15°F 2:45 AM GOOGLE'S RECENTLY LAUNCHED ANDROID AUTO wifi on A simple, intuitive interface & protocol Designed to minimize driver Provides a customized actions that can distraction. framework on top connect a Google Auto takes of AOSP to make phone to the dashboard auto solution development easier. care of complying with automotive and exchange UI, safety standards. sensor, audio, video and other control information. OTHER APPROACHES TO ANDROID IN THE DASHBOARD: APP ONLY: 01 </> Dashboard OEMS support Android Auto where the intelligence is in the smartphone & the dashboard becomes a mirror display of the phone (with an auto friendly UX). ALL ANDROID: 02 A Replace existing dashboard Os with Android. HYBRID APPROACH: 03 Support Android Auto for applications, run a customized Android os for deeper integration, and keep existing Os for core TCU/Telematics functions (co-existence of Android & existing OS in a hypervisor). WHICH APPROACH WORKS? 15°F 2:45 AM wifi on • Depends on the business model - Do high-end & luxury OEMS feel comfortable with moving all the infotainment intelligence to the phone? Will your dashboard stop being smart if you forget your phone? • Replacing existing certified automotive OS is too costly & the advantages are not obvious. • Supplementing Android as an OS for IVI functions (more advanced than what Android Auto offers) in addition to supporting Android Auto may be the ideal solution for OEMS who want their dashboard to retain an edge. DASHBOARD INNOVATION: EMBEDDED ANDROID ADVANTAGES Google has recently Android natively supports launched Android Auto high resolution codecs - a customized framework on top of INFO & players optimized for intermittent radio network streaming with high quality. AOSP to make auto solution TAINMENT development easier. CHARGE POWER Popular streaming Powerful network providers (Pandora, connectivity protocols, many others) already have Android ready Android supports a wide variety of DRMS either natively or via plugin (WideVine, mean easy synchronization with multitude of devices players that can be like smart watches, smart integrated. phones, etc. MS Play Ready & a host of others). THE ANDROID INTERFACE IS WELL KNOWN & PROVEN TO BE POPULAR: 1 Billion 62% Android devices of all tablets sold worldwide were Android 58% 51.7 % of all smartphones IN 2013 Android's mobile OS US market share sold were Android RAPID RELEASE TO MARKET Easily updates to conform to rapidly changing platforms & apps. Cost-effective, standardized OS that keeps up with design changes. Has the potential to integrate with a vehicle's instrument cluster providing combined functionality on just one hardware platform. DYNAMIC DEVELOPER & APP COMMUNITY Standardized platform creates a market for Android App development for infotainment systems. Interoperability between smartphone apps & dashboard. Connect directly to Google Play store from dashboard. EXTENDS THE ANDROID ECOSYSTEM Provides one platform across many applications & devices. Consistent user experience in & out of the car. HYBRID APPEAL: CO-EXISTENCE OF BOTH LINUX G ANDROID SUBSYSTEMS UNDER A UNIFIED UI 15°F 2:45 AM wifi on • Dual OS Architecture. • Integrated 3rd party stacks relevant to communicate with • Android/Linux exist in parallel - T/ECUS. protecting current core functions with the benefits of Android - • Adaption of Android UX to the using hypervisors or containers. dashboard HMI interface. • GL & Multimedia Remoting can • Integration of Android & AutoSAR. transport media from the guest Os • Improved Android boot time. to the host OS Embedded software development for ECUS. MASS APPEAL: EMBEDDED ANDROID/LINUX IVI SYSTEM FEATURES Seamless 2-way data/personalization integration so users can change cars/devices while keeping their data and preferences. TYPICAL DUAL OS DASHBOARD ARCHITECTURE: ANDROID OS (INFOTAINMENT) LINUX/VARIANT/RTOS (CORE + INFOTAINMENT) LINUX/VARIANT/RTOS (CORE + INFOTAINMENT) Core Auto System Software Efficient IPC sharing between variant 05s 15°F 2:45 AM Dashboard HMI & UX NDK Software library development & re-use of Core Auto System Software Hypervisor/Containers MM based multi Os еxecuclon existing customer IPR Powerful telephone & Enhanced connectivity multimedia support with Android phone/tablet for data exchange Graphics & audio Middleware HAL subsystem extensions Modifications wifi on Communication stacks LINT, CAN, WIF, BT A 2nd screen to dashboard usine technologies like Mirrortink A QUICK PREVIEW OF THE ANDROID ENABLED VEHICLE OF THE FUTURE: DASHBOARD HMI (HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE) Advanced multi-touch & jog dial interface speech recognition Seamless continuity of data between dashboard & phone/tablet, feature-rich including: Маps Music Messages NAVIGATION PRODUCTIVITY Offline map files Rear-screen infotainment fully Traffic pattern prediction integrated with Android play store (disabled in dashboard - driver safety) GPS Integration Video telephony ENTERTAINMENTO Application continuity – move from News alerts phone to rear screen unit & back Stock quotes DRM enabled media player Leverage Google Cloud Messaging for push notifications related to car-diagnostics/service scheduling THE FLEXIBILITY OF THE ANDROID OS AND THE SEAMLESS USER EXPERIENCE IT OFFERS MAKES IT THE IDEAL PLATFORM FOR TELEMATICS DEVELOPMENT. Brought to you by HUGHES SYSTIQUE To learn about our Telematics services, visit Sources:, http:/gzmodo.comandroid-auto-turns-your-deshboard-into-an-android-devic-1595838032, GL/en/Industries/Automotive/Next-moves-for stakeholders, http:/ cars-smarteri, http://www.businessinsi, 0-Android-and-Unux For-Operating Systems/, 240161452, htp://www.embeddedintelcom/special features.phplarticle-2475

How Android Is Driving Innovation In This Space

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When it comes to innovation in the automotive space, infotainment systems and smart dashboards are quickly becoming the next big thing. And while there are many different ways to build these systems u...


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