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How American Teens Communicate

HOW AMERICAN TEENS COMMUNICATE We already know that today's teens are growing up in a world where nearly everything is online and available through mobile means. Here's a detailed breakdown of how that affects US high school and college students' approach to communication. WHAT TOOLS DO THEY USE? Email 93% Phone* 93% Facebook 90% You YouTube Tube 74% Skype 47% *Phone includes both talking and texting Since teens spend so much time connected by the Internet or phones, let's take a look at what that plugged-in time looks like on a daily basis. A DAY IN THE LIFE What do teens use to communicate at each point in the day? BEDTIME WAKING ON A DATE COMMUTING You Tube IN CLASS During lunchtime, 96% of teens choose face- to-face communication AFTER SCHOOL 6E[Without Facebook], the world and I would become disconnected. 15 EMAIL VS. FACEBOOK These two top channels are neck-and-neck in terms of claiming teens' attention. 93% How many use it? 90% 50% More than twice a day? 55% 53% On their phones? 66% 17% Waking up? 15% 13% In class? 10% 9% Out with friends? 13% 16% On vacation? 16% 21% At bedtime? 21% HOW TEENS WOULD COPE If their favorite technological channel of communication disappeared... 66 (Not having a cell phone], would surely cripple some of my relationships. 99 6% believe they would write more letters if there were no cell phones 14% think face-to- face communication would replace social networks 6% mentioned that land lines could replace cell phones 43% would replace a missing network with another one 18% feel they would stop communicating altogether AWeber AWeber helps businesses increase sales and profits through its web-based email marketing tools. COMMU NICATIONS All findings based on an April 2012 study of 984 high school seniors and college students. LUNCHTIME

How American Teens Communicate

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Today's teens are growing in a world where nearly everything is online and available through a mobile device. Here is a detailed breakdown of how it affects students in the U.S.




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