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Hot Technology of 2015

Technology in 2015 OCULUS RIFT The latest development kit for Oculus Rift, one of the most popular and breakthrough virtual reality kits, adds better positional tracking and display technology. The new DK2 prototype includes a 1080p high-resolution display and keeps the price under $350. Oculus Development 2 Developed by: Oculus VR REAL SENSE Imagine drones that know how to move around obstacles. The crashes would go down and confidence would go up. Intel's new RealSense technology makes this a reality. The technology can also be used in jackets to help the visually-impaired and gesture and facial recognition and controls. The voice and gesture control system can be embedded almost everywhere -- laptops, cars, smartphones, and Internet of Things devices. Developed by: (intel) GFLEX 2 LG's second-generation curved smartphone features' a vastly-improved 5.5-inch display with a 23-degree arc. It also sports a faster Snapdragon 810 processor. Like its predecessor, it comes with "self-healing" capabilities. Scratch or scuff the back of the device, and it "bleeds" back into health. The front is just as protected with the latest Gorilla Glass, which LG says it improves in-house to make it even stronger. Developed by: LG LG HYPR- Mobile payments became more popular last year with the introduction of Apple Pay. Hyper-3 aims to make it mobile payments more widespread with a small, thin, HYPR-3 and light Bluetooth-powered gadget that affixes to your smartphone. At just $20, it integrates with your phone software to offer significantly stronger three-factor authentication to make anyone trying to make an unauthorized transaction nigh-on impossible. Developed by: HYPR 3 CURIE Curie, Intel's latest creation, is a computer about the size of a suit button. It's part of the chipmaker's wider wearable device strategy. It's just made it out of the company's labs and will land later this year. The analytics and big data opportunities are said to be huge and have near-limitless potential. Developed by: (intel) TEGRA Xi SUPERCHIP Described as a 'superchip." the latest Nuidia chip. the Tegra XI, balances a 256-core graphics processor with an 8-core 64-bit central processor. It's one of the most powerful chips on the market for its size, and it uses a fraction of the energy consumption to that of its rivals. Touted as the "world's first teraflop NVIDIA. NVIDIA. TEGRA K1 TEGRA X1 mobile processor," it could go in smartphones -- sure -- but Nuidia aims to have this for cars. Developed by: NVIDIA. WINDOWS PC-ON-A-STICK The chipmaker took the inspiration of Amazon's Fire TU Stick and Google's Chromecast, and added much more to what could'ue just been a content streaming device -- by making it a fully-fledged computer. The Windows ntel inside PC-on-a-stick comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage. It also include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can even add more storage through a microSD slot. At a fraction of the size, it's also a fraction of the cost -- and just $149, and $89 for the Linux version. Developed by: (intel) ─░HOME PLUG Apple's HomeKit is about to get a much welcome guest. iHome's smart plug allows you to control almost anything you can plug into the wall by talking to Siri. Priced at just $40 for its cheapest version, you'll soon be able to turn off an entire room's lamps with a touch of a button -- or with Siri, of course. Developed by: LAVIE Z The Chinese electronics giant has built what it claims to be the lightest 13-inch laptop. putting the Windows PC side-by-side with the MacBook Air as its biggest rival. It's even lighter than the Air at 2.6 pounds. Lenovo says the devices are still strong thanks to a magnesium-lithium chassis, which the company says is half the weight of aluminum. Developed by: Te novo SCANIFY 3D printing just got a boost with Scanify's 3D-scanner, dubbed the Scanify. The company claims it can take a 30 scan in one-tenth of a second, by combining precalibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging. Once the file is processed, it can be exported into one of three common file types (.STL, .OBJ, and .PLY), which are commonly used for 3D printing software. FUELS Developed by: FUEL3D ACTIVITE POP The fitness tracker, paired with a smartphone. is able to record your steps. running patterns, swimming -- as the product is water-resistant up to 30 meters -- and collates this data and more into a summary displayed on your phone. In addition, you can join up with friends to compete, with daily results pinned on a shared leaderboard. In addition, the deuice looks like a standard watch with a traditional timepiece, so you can keep your activity tracking to yourself if you wish. Actiuite Pop is auvailable for $149.95. 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Hot Technology of 2015

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Check out the latest tech gadgets of 2015. These include: Oculus Rift DK2, Real Sense, G Flex 2, Hypr-3, Curie, Tegra X1 Superchip, Windows PC-on-a-stick, iHome Plug, LaVie Z, Scanify, Activite Pop. ...



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