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Home Securities and Crime Rates

HOME SECURTY ECRIME RATES by the NUMBERS Most home burglaries occur during the day HOME CRIME and BURGLARY Daytime: 59 % Nighttime: 41% Over 2,200,000 burglaries occur in the United States every year, according to the FBI. On average, one burglary occurs 15.4 seconds in the U.S. every Owners say alarms are: Most burglaries are: 66% Forceable entry An estimated $4.6 billion is lost in burglary victims property every year. 57% Moderately effective 8% Forceable entry attempts 29.7% Industrial/commercial properties 40% 70.3% of all burglary Very effective 3% Not effective 26% Unlawful entry offenses are associated with ADT® Security Services: FACTS and FIGURES residential properties. 9 out of 10 convicted burglars admit that they would avoid stealing from a house that has a monitored There are over 6 million security systems installed in residential homes. The private security industry is a $104 billion industry security system. | E E A home has a l in 4 chance of having a burglary. (Note: This is without paying attention to circumstantial situations) 80 security systems are Every year, more than 29 million alarms signals installed every hour in America. While the probability of having a burglary for properties with an alarm system is 13.8% are received. 13.8 on busy residential streets, it is HELPI! a 18.9% probability for 18.9, similarly located homes without an alarm system. Unarmed homes valued over $600,000 have a 5.5 times greater risk of a burglary than homes A GUARD DOG VS SECURITY SYSTEMS PROS AND CONS OF HAVING A GUARD DOG PROS CONS with an alarm. Dogs are not affected by power shutoffs X A guard dog needs training and atfention. X Dogs age. They alert the home owner before the burglar reaches the front door. X Burglars can distract dogs. There is no monthly service fee. X Guard dogs are can be unpredictable. V Once one dog starts barking, the rest of a neighborhoods dogs start barking. On average, when a burglary takes place on a property where there is a security alarm, $3,266 is lost in stolen goods, compared to $5,343 when there is no alarm. Dogs are portable. PROS AND CONS OF HAVING A HOME SECURITY SYSTEM PROS CONS Installation is simple. X False alarms are costly. The police can be notified automatically, even when no one is home. X Burglars know the time it takes for políce to reach the home. X Feeding big guard dogs can be costly. An alarm system is self sufficient. X An alarm system never sleeps. Burglars can recognize a home with an alarm system and avoid it. An security company hours a day. available 24 THE GREATER RISK OF LIVING ALONE HOME SECURITY THROUGH THE Single family homes have a 35% An alarmed single family home is more AGES and ACROSS CULTURES greater risk of having a burglary than 60% less likely to have a burglary than that of the entire population. than a similar home without an alarm. HUTS CLIFF DWELLINGS • Tools and weapons • Tools and weapons • Walls • Fences • Fire (light) • Guards • Walls • Location 35% 60% • Fire (light) • Guards CASTLES ICE IGLOOS • Location • Tools and weapons • Fences • Fire (light) • Guards • Tools and weapons • Walls • Location BURGLARIES and CERTIFIED ELECTRONIC BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEMS in HOMES Security Distributing and Marketing Magazine reports that 14% of U.S. residents have an anti-burglar alarm • Moat • Curtain wall • Arrow slits protection system installed in their home. • Hot tar 1 in 3 homes are without an alarm system. COLONIAL HOMES TIPIS • Tools and weapons • Guards • Location • Fire (light) • Location • Fences • Walls • Fire (light) • Guards • Tools and weapons 1 in 250 homes in the U.S. have certified alarm systems. MODERN HOMES • Motion detectors • Fingerprint recogrition • Internet video streaming services Voice recognition • Cellular alarm monitoring • Retinal eye scanners • Numbered keypads • Wireless video • Temperature sensors • Integrated fire, međiçal, and security alarms Sources: FIXT

Home Securities and Crime Rates

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Is your home secure? Did you know that according to the FBI over 2,200,000 burglaries occur over the USA every year! 59% of those occur during daylight hours and 70.3% happen in residential properties...




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