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Holiday of the Future

HOLIDAY OF THE FUTUREK How will evolving technology revolutionise our holiday experience? 87% of global travellers use mobile devices CURRENT TRENDS IN TECHNOLOGY of travel photography captured through a smartphone 58% 44% of travellers plan their trip via mobile device SMARTER SUITCASES IN 2016 IN 2020 Mainstream production allowing for travel cases to: Lock and unlock via smartphone 7.3 Charge electronic items on the go bags per thousand passengers were mishandled Inbuilt tracking device for added security SAFER BEACHES IN 2015-16 IN 2020 Total shark controlled shores will be in effect in Australia comprising of: 98 unprovoked shark attacks in Australia – highest on record Helicopter beach Coastal shark surveilance listening devices Shark detecting sonar bouys Tagging of shark species Smartphone educational apps on shark behaviour 3 SAIL POWERED CRUISE SHIPS и ...... ------ IN 2016 IN 2020 Cruise ship passenger capacity increased to 5,400 30% 6.57 million Sails introduced Possible fuel Mimicking cruise passengers carried in Europe per aviation into cruise ship design consumption reduction year 30% technology PASSENGER DRONES IN 2025 IN 2016 Alternative airport shuttle services Capable of flying for 23 minutes at an average speed of 60mph Regular transportation for day trips and island hopping CLEANER OCEANS IN 2016 IN 2025 Reduction of 8 million tons of plastic enters the 50% ocean every year Ocean cleanup project trialling off the coast of Japan of pollution in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch FASTER TRAIN JOURNEYS IN 2016 IN 2025 China has International bullet train network to be built 19,000 km of high-speed rail Trains capable of journeys up Passengers travelling at speeds of up to Accounting for two thirds of the world's total to 400 miles 250mph LEISURE AIRBUS FLIGHTS IN 2016 IN 2050 Averge cabin 550 square metres (5,920 sq ft) of usable floor space 360 degree views of the skies Lighter and more fuel-efficient structure (inspired by bird bones) 319 production orders from major airlines Holograms and virtual screens for Large communal areas with simulators passenger seating CLEANER WATER IN 2016 IN 2050 Ob water capsules Travellers' diarrhoea affects undergoing testing 20-60% Protective algae-based of overseas travellers gel casing as a replacement for bottles. MINISTRY Villas independent research conducted by References н1. E-n

Holiday of the Future

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How will the evolution of technology improve our holiday experience in the near distant future? From smarter suitcases, to safer beaches, to more comfortable and energy efficient modes of transport, t...


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