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The history of Tablet

Sponsored by Simplify 360 A BRIEF HISTORY OF TABLETS YEAR UNKNOWN! Moses receives the TEN COMMANDMENTS in two 'tablets' from GOD ALMIGHTY himself! JULY 1888 Elisha Gray receives a Patent from US for electrical stylus for capturing handwriting. Did You Know?? that Gray also applied for a Patent for the Telephone during the same year Bell Applied!! DEC 1942 US issues Patent on touchscreen for handwriting input. JULY 1945 Vannevar Bush proposes the Memex, a data archiving device with a handwriting input, 'As We May Think'. DEC 1957 Birth of Stylator. electronic tablet with pen for computer input. Recognises handwritten text in real-time! SEP 1961 RAND Tablet! Overtakes Stylator's popularity. MAY 1968 Alan Kay of Xerox PARC proposes a notebook computer, optionally using pen input, the Dynabook! However the device is never made with pen input. JAN 1989 GILIEINEI The first commercially available tablet-type portable computer was the GRiDPad from GRİD Systems. Its Operating System was based on MS-DOS. WANG AUG 1989 Wang Laboratories introduces Freestyle, an app which screen captures MS-DOS application and lets the user add voice and handwritten annotations. It was a sophisticated predecessor for the notes-taking applications for the Tablet PC. Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius - Dr. An Wang, co-founder of Wang Labs AUG 1991 GO Corporation releases a dedicated Operating System, the Penpoint os, featuring control of Operating System's desktop through handwritten gestures. MAR 1993 The IBM releases ThinkPad, the first of its commercial portable tablet computer product meant for the consumer market! Did You Know?? that the design of the ThinkPad was inspired by traditional Japanese lunchbox??! JAN 2001 Bill Gates demonstrates the first public prototype Microsoft of a Tablet PC running a licensed copy of the "windows XP Tablet PC Edition" operating system at Comdex! Windows XP Tablet PC Edition APR 2008 The gesture features of the Windows Tablet PC os and its hardware is found to infringe on a Patent by GO Corp. GO Corp goes to court! APR 2009 Asus announces a tablet netbook, the EEE PC T91 and T91MT, the latter which features a multi-touch screen. 2010 APRIL, - Apple unveils the iPad, running Apple ios. SEP - Samsung unveils the Galaxy Tab, running Google Android 2.2 OCT - HP releases the Slate 500, running a full-version of Windows 7. Slate failed miserably! Did You Know?? that the Android (before HoneyComb) and Windows 7 were not originally OSes meant for Tablets?? 2011 O Motorola announces Xoom Tablet, a 10 inch tablet. O Dell showcases the Streak 7 tablet and says it's working on the 10 inch Streak 10. O ZTE announces the ZTE V11 and the z-pad. O Toshiba announces the Toshiba Tablet, a 10 inch tablet powered by a Tegra 2 process and Honeycomb. O Samsung announces Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9, the world's thinnest tablets. Did You Know?? that all the above tablets were powered by Android HoneyComb, the first Andriod OS version meant for Tablets??? O Apple announces the iPad 2. O Blackberry announces the Playbook. Operating system Percent Apple iOS Q3 2010 95.5% MARKET SHARE SPLUT OF TABLET OS-ES Apple ioS Q4 2010 75.3% Android Q3 2010 2.3% Android Q4 2010 21.6% Others Q3 2010 2.3% Others Q4 2010 3.1% Sources:

The history of Tablet

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This info graphic contains the important milestones in the development of Tablet devices.




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