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The History of Portable Music

The History of Portable Music 1954 Regency TR-1 The world's first commercially produced transistor radio. 1955 Raytheon 8-TP-1 In February 1955 the second transistor radio, the 8-TP-1, was introduced by Raytheon. It was a larger portable transistor radio, including an expansive four- inch speaker and fou stors. TR-55 Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (now called Sony) , launched its first product of its kind, the TR-55 with five transistors, which had as its main selling point, the portability. Stereobelt 1972 The Stereobelt was the first portable personal stereo audio cassette player. Boombox Boomboxes were introduced commercially by various companies in the late 1970s, when stereo capabilities were added to existing designs of the radio-cassette recorder. 1976 311 The Walkman SONY Walkman is a Sony brand tradename originally used for portable audio cassette. Between 1979 -1999, Sony would celebrate by coming out with an anniversary casse Every five years since the Walkman 1979 WALKMAN WALHmen Sony Walkman WM-2 (1980) Walkman WM-D6C Pro Walkman WM-FX421 (1984) (1998) Sony MZ-N10 (2002) Sony MZ-NF610 (2003) Sony MZ-N420D (2004) 1984 Discman The Discman Discman was the product name given to Sony's first portable CD player, the D-50, which was the first on the market in 1984 SONY 1992 MiniDisc MiniDisc was announced by Sony in September 1992 as a magneto-optical disc-based data storage device initially intended for storage of up to 74 minutes and, later, 80 minutes, of digi- tized audio MPMan 1998 The SaeHan Information Systems MPMan, which debuted in Asia in March 1998, was the first mass-produced portable solid state digital audio player. Digtal Shereo Paayer iPod 2001-Present iPod is a line of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple and announced on October 23, 2001, and released on November 10, 2001. 2nd G IPod (2002) 3rd G IPod (2003) 4th G IPod 2004 6th G IPod 2005 5th G IPod 2005 The four generations of iPod Shuffle All 6th generations of iPod nano iPod Touch 4th G 2010 IPod Touch The 32 GB and 64 GB models were updated to include the upgraded RAM, CPU and GPU inter- The iPod Touch is the first media player from Apple to use the graphical multi touch based LCD contro nals from the iPhone 3GS. iPod IPod Touch 2nd G 2009 Featured a new tapered chrome back with Nike+ functionality, volume buttons, and built-in speaker added iPod Touch 1st G It features a front-facing camera for FaceTime, the iPhone 4's Retina display without an IPS screen, support for recording 720p video and 960 x 640 still photos via a back camera. 2007 iPod Touch 2nd G 2008 Other Major Portable Music Player of our time Zune HD Sony Walkman Creative ZEN CRO SO D - MUSIC The Zune HD is a portable media player in the Zune product family released on Septem- ber 15, 2009 by Microsoft. S Series E Series The Creative ZEN (formerly known as Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen) is a range of digital audio players (DAPS) and portable media players (PMPS) made by Creative Technology. A Series S series is the first flash-based Network Walkman with built-in Active noise control technology E serles established itself as a pure MP3 player without large LCD display to play video. A series Walkman is a digital music player available in 6 (NW-A1000), 8 (NW-A1200) and 20 gigabyte (NW-A3000) versions and features an EL-technology screen/ sources :,,,, Images from Google images. llustrated by Shaneka Landell Present by Techin HO00

The History of Portable Music

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From 1954's transistor radio to the iPod, everything in between and beyond.


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