The History of Mobile App Stores

The History of Mobile App Stores ovi Android Market iPhone App Store Ovi Store BB App World Windows Phone An open content distribution An online market for applications, Ovi Store is a service where cus- BlackBerry App World is an Marketplace system that will help end users called "App Store". It is a service for tomers can download mobile application distribution service Windows Phone Marketplace is a find, purchase, download and the iPhone, iPod Touch, and now games, applications, videos, from Research In Motion (RIM) for service from Microsoft for its install various types of content on the iPad. By using this app store, images, and ringtones to their most BlackBerry devices. The Windows Phone 7 platform that their Android-powered devices. iPhone users can download any Nokia devices. Some of the items service provides BlackBerry users allows users to browse and app they want through iTunes or are free, others can be purchased with an environment to browse, download applications that have directly from their phones to take using a credit card or through download, and update third-party been developed by third parties. advantage of all available iPhone operator billing for ted applications. features. operators. App Store launched (with 500 apps). Ten million applications are downloaded in the first weekend. 25% of those apps were free. July, 10 July, 17 At the BlackBerry Developer Conference, RIM announces they will open an application store for their devices. Android Market launched (with 50 apps). October, 21 October, 22 10,000 apps are available in App Store. 500 million applications have been downloaded. November, 29 January, 16 RIM begins accepting app submissions from developers. Paid applications are made available to end users. January, 19 February, 13 Previously referred to as the "BlackBerry Application Storefront", RIM officially names their store “BlackBerry App World". 2,300 applications are available for download from Android Market. March, 4 March, 17 BlackBerry App World goes live. 1 billionth app is downloaded. April, 1 April, 23 Ovi Store launches worldwide. Of 1,263 items in the store, 90% are paid for. Android Market has over 5,000 apps. May, 26 June 1.4 billionth app is downloaded. Around 2,000 applications available in App World. June July, 8 Of 2,000 items in Ovi Store, 88% are paid for. There are 586 apps available. App World goes live in 10 European countries. July, 8 July, 31 Ovi Store contains 2,800 items, 10% of which are free. 2,310 applications are available in App World. August, 19 August, 31 Android Market has more than 10,000 apps, A majority of Ovi Store's 3,200 items, including 1,066 available apps, are paid for. 60% of which are free. September September, 23 BlackBerry App World contains nearly 3,000 applications. 100,000 apps are available in App Store. October, 22 November, 4 20,000 applications are available for download from Android Market. 62.3% of these apps are free. 3 billionth app is downloaded. December December BlackBerry App World contains 3,500 applications and games. Ovi Store generates close to 1 million downloads a day. December, 4 December, 11 Of 225,000 applications available in App Store, 73% are free. BlackBerry App World extends billing. April, 19 April, 30 5 billionth app is downloaded. RIM's BlackBerry App World launches in Japan. June, 7 June, 10 BlackBerry App World reaches 1 million downloads a day. 80,000 applications are available for download from Android Market. July, 30 August 1 billionth app is downloaded from Android Market. August 1.5 million downloads a day. September, 27 The number of active "Nokia service users" reaches 140 million. Ovi Store achieves the milestone of 2.3 million downloads per day. 300,000 apps are available in App Store. October, 1 October, 20 Windows Phone Marketplace is launched along with Windows Phone 7 in some countries. The number of content downloads increases from 3.0 million to 3.5 million per day. October, 21 December, 13 10 billionth downloaded app was Paper Glider. Android Market website is launched. January, 22 February 2 million downloads a day. 3 million downloads a day. February, 14 March, 22 50,000 apps are available on Ovi Store. 200,000 applications available in Android Market. 3 billionth app is downloaded from Android Market. April May Apple approves its 500,000th app, 37% of apps are free, and the average price of paid apps is $3.64. 1.8 billionth app is downloaded. May, 11 June 6 million downloads a day. Android Market has more than 250,000 apps. June, 23 6 billionth app is downloaded. July 37,176 apps are available in BlackBerry App World. July 83,500 apps available. July Marketplace has 28,000 apps. July, 30 Marketplace contains nearly 29,704 apps. August, 9 ShoutEm, Inc. is a mobile app builder and content management system for awesome native apps. The Company's offering empowers customers to build and deploy full-featured native iPhone, iPad and Android apps with minimum effort and at a fraction of the cost of custom development. Think of it as "Wordpress shoutem for mobile" or "Mobile CMS". For more information, visit: Sources: Distimo | Wikipedia | Google Mobile Blog (Android) | OVi Blog | BlackBerry Blog | Windows Phone Blog 2008 2010 600 2011

The History of Mobile App Stores

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The History of Mobile App Stores is a timeline infographic that shows the evolution of the top five Mobile App Stores - Android Market, iPhone App Store, Ovi Store, BB App World and Windows Phone Marketplace.




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