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The History of Microsoft Technology

The History Of Microsoft Technology We all know Microsoft as the provider of Office and Windows on our PCs. But for more than 30 years, Microsoft has been creating technology that affects just about everything we do at home and at work. This timeline runs through three decades of Microsoft technology SQL developed at IBM by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F.Boyce 1974 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen form Microsoft in Albuquerque First commercial implementation of SQL used in Oracle v2 1979 www. 1984 First commercial version of Microsoft Project (1.0) released for DOS 1985 Windows 1.0 released, MICROSOFT the very first window based OS £$£ Bill Gates becomes the 1986 youngest billionaire at 31 years old Microsoft co-develop 1989 SQL server 1.0 1998s .NET was developed through most of the 1990s by Microsoft, and originally called NGWS (next gen web services) Windows 3.1 released. Windows 1992 MICROSOFT. WINDOWS. now has over 25 million users Version 3.1 1993 Microsoft begin migration of their own servers from XENIX to Exchange. This takes three years MICROSOFT Windows Advanced Server WINDOWSNY WORKSTATION and Windows NT released. An upgraded version of SQL SQL Server is released bundled with Windows NT Windows 95 released, sells 1 million copies in 4 days! 1995 Windows 95 Microsoft Exchange email, calendar and collaboration software first shipped with Windows 95 Windows NT Server 3.5 released with WINDOWSNT SERVER s Windows 95 and the first modern GUI 1997 Windows NT Server 4.0 released with Windows 95, an enhanced version for corporate customers Precursor to Microsoft System Centre developed by Serverware Group Plc, called SeNTry 1998 Microsoft Project Central is the first server project management solution Microsoft Project 98 Rights to SeNTry bought by Microsoft, to become Microsoft System Center 2001 System Center Microsoft First beta of .NET Framework net released in late 2000 Exchange Server 2000, not hugely popular but the first to have instant messaging Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Biz Talk Server the enterprise service bus BizTalk Server is Launched, Windows XP quickly becomes the best selling operating system with an estimated 400 million copies 2801 xp 28 0 2 Great Plains Software and Navavision acquired by Microsoft to create Business Solutions Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions Microsoft SharePoint content and Microsoft document management software is released SharePoint NET 1.0 released for all Windows versions along with Visual Studio for developing programs BizTalk Server 2002 integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET Biz Talk Server 2002 28 0 3 NET 1.1, the first major upgrade. Released bundled with Windows Server 2003 and Visual Studio Windows Server 2003 released - Windows Server quickly became most widely 2003 Microsoft used server OS. Outsold Windows Server 2000 3 to 1 Exchange Server 2003, better migration and disaster recovery ES Exchange features, as well as many other Microsoft Server upgrades Live Communications Microsoft Office Live Communications is Server 2003 Standard Edition launched to replace Microsoft Exchange SharePoint free version released called Windows SharePoint 2.O Windows SharePoint Services Microsoft Business Solutions rebranded Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics, including Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL and C5 NET 2.0, featuring 64 bit support. Released with Windows Server NET 2005 and Visual Studio in early 2006 2 0,0 6 Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 BizTalk Server integrates .NET 2.0 NET 3.0 released with integral features added to support Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2008 2807 Exchange Server 2007 gives more thorough anti-spam protection and 64 bit support Microsoft SharePoint 4a Microso Office SharePoint Server 2007 Server 2007 released Windows Server 2008 - first 64 bit server operating system Windows 7 released. Beats all previous records for sales, outsells Vista 2 to 1.525 million copies sold to date Windows 7 Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Ca released with significant upgrades Office Communications Server 2007 R2 2818 NET 4.0 released, with more support for parallel computing, with the growth of multi core processors Office Communications Server Microsoft Lync rebranded as Microsoft Lync Server Microsoft Microsoft Project is updated to include Project 2010 a Project Portfolio Server and Web App Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 released with business connectivity and multi browser support sharePoint Server 2010 BizTalk server updated to use .NET 4.0 BizTalk Server 2010 Exchange Server 2010, multiple updates and upgrades. Award winning software Exchange Server 2010 THE FUTURE? 2012 Windows Server 2012 - currently under development .NET 4.5 - currently only previewed, only support for Windows 7 and 8 Microsoft N NET Windows 8 - with a new Ul and built in apps based on the new Metro design language Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 - currently in live preview, with CSS3 and Metro app support Surface RT - Microsoft makes it's first proper entry into the tablet market running Windows RT with ARM processors. Set to launch late 2012 2013 Dynamics 2013- first ERP solution to incorporate a cloud based element, as well as other online features Microsoft Dynamics NAV The Surface running Windows 8 pro and Intel Core i5 processors will be out in 2013 Start g+ Ai eb ) 12:31 lopo Tuber SOURCES: $$ IREBRAND

The History of Microsoft Technology

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An Infographic looking at the History of Microsoft Technology over the last 30 years covering all major launches. This includes, Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Lync Server etc.


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