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History of Lasers

HISTORY OF LASERS 1917 Albert Einstein Concept and. theory of stimulated light emission 1951 -. Charles H Townes, Alexander Prokhorov Nikolai G Basov, Joseph Weber The invention of the MASER (Microwave Amplification of Stimulated Emission -of . Radiation) at Cólumbia University, Lebedev Laboratories, Moscow and 1948 Dennis Gabor Invention of holography University of Maryland . 1958 Arthur Leonard Schawlow and Charles HTownes '1960 Proposed the realization. of maser's for light. and infrared at Columbia University. Theodore Maiman Realization of first working. LASER based on Ruby at Hughes Research 1962 Låboratòries. .Robert N. Hall First Semic (Gallium- Arsenide láser) at General Electric.Labs. tor la'ser co2 LASER FROM 1964. C. Kumar N. Patel, - Development of CO2 LASER at Bell Labs. COHERENT" '1965 'George C: Pimentel and J.VV. Kasper: - First chemical'LASER at Univ of Cal. Berkley. 196 AVCO Research Laboratory, USA. First Gas Dynamic Laser based on CO2 1970 Nikolai Basov's Group - First Excimer LASER at Lebedev Labs, Moscow based on Xenon (Xe) only. 1977 John M J Madey's Group First free elėctron laser at Stanford University. 1980 Geoffrey Pert's Group First report of X-ray lasing action, Hull Ưniversity, UK. 1984 Dennis Matthew's Group First reported demonstration · of a "1 aboratory" X -ray laser from · Lawrence Livermore Labs. 1999 J.M. Herbelin,. T.L. .Henshawi B.D. Rafferty, B.T. Anderson, R.F. Tate, T.J. Madden, G.C Mankey II, and G.D. Hager All Gas-Phase Chemical Iodine LUAILLOKS Laser (AGIL): 2001 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratorý - Solid State Heat "Capacity Laser (SSHCL.) · . Sources: • • Presented By: COHERENT.

History of Lasers

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In 1917, the great Albert Einstein first developed the theory of stimulated light emission, the precursor for the modern laser. In the infographic below, sponsored by Coherent, Inc., notable dates and...


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