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The History of HTML5

THE HISTORY OF HTML 2004 "WHAT" Working Group is born Founded in 2004, The WHATWG, with members from Apple, the Mozilla Foundation, and Opera Software, sets out to develop HTML5. Oct. 2006 W3C HTML World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announces it will work with "WHAT" Working Group 2008 W3C decides to stop working on XHTML and instead begins collaborating with "WHAT" Working Group to evolve HTML as a technology. First version of HTML5 is published The first draft of HTML5, written by Ian Hickson, is introduced but changes are still coming. Experts say that HTML5 is a continually evolving technology that will never be absolutely "finished." 2008 Firefox 3 becomes HTML5 compatible Firefox 3 takes steps to allow HTML5 to be viewed on the browser. Chrome, Safari and eventually IE will follow suit. Jan. 2010 You Tube YouTube offers HTML5 Video Player New player can only be activated through Test Tube. A better video ------ ------ -- - April 2010 player will arrive in July 2010. ------- - Steve Jobs "trashes" Flash in an open letter Jobs explains why Flash will never be allowed on Flash was designed for PCs using mice, not for touch screens using fingers. Apple's smart devices. This triggers many companies to begin pursuing HTML5. May 2010 Scribd documents switch to HTML5 ----- The online document sharing site, Scribd, switches to HTML5, This creates a better UI for Aug. 2010 Scribd. users who are reading documents on tablets. Arcade Fire's HTML5-based interactive film is a hit A year after its release, Arcade Fire's interactive film "The Wilderness Downtown", wins the Grand Prix award at the Cannes advertising awards in the Cyber category. Dec. 2010 Chrome Web Store opens Chrome opens its web store in HTML5, making non-Apple web apps easy to buy on tablets. March 2011 Disney Disney buys HTML5 gaming start-up Disney buys "Rocket Pack", a Helsinki-based HTML5 July 2011 gaming engine start-up. Its intention is clear: break the app-store monopoly and build games straight into the web using HTML5. Pandora begins moving to HTML5 Pandora begins making the switch to an HTML5 audio player. It is reviewed as being "less clunky" than the Flash player, easier to load and faster. Aug. 2011 PANDORA ко kindle Amazon creates Kindle Cloud Reader ***.. Amazon creates a new Aug. web-based version of the Kindle eBook reader app. E BOOK 2011 The new HTML5 version allows customers to access their content offline directly from Twitter rolls out new HTML5 version for iPad their browser. ---- - - - Twitter revamps its iPad presence with a new HTML5-heavy version. Sept. 2011 34% of top 100 sites use HTML5 TOP100 SITES HTML As of Sept 2011, 34% of Alexa's Top-100 Sept. trafficked websites are 2011 using HTML5. 34% Boston Globe opens subscription-only The Boston Globe uses The Boston Blohe responsíve design and Css3 allowing the website to adapt to the size of the screen it's presented on. ---- - -- - - - - - - --- The Boston Globe Che Baston Globe Nov. 2011 Adobe stops making Flash for mobile devices April 2012 ------ --- - -- --- -- ---- expedites uploading large files. Company makes public plans to end development of Flash for mobile in order to focus on HTML5 tool development. flickr Flickr gets a new HTML5 uploader This HTML5 implementation UPLOAD June 2012 LinkedIn creates native app for the iPad LinkedIn has had mobile Linked in apps since 2008 but in 2012 saw the launch of I its 95% HTML5 native iPad app. The app has been praised for its clean, modern design. June 2012 WIX +1,000,000 HTML5 websites created by users This milestone has been reached 90 days after the publishing platform released its HTML5 website builder. January 2013 XWIX HTML5 adoption expected to boom as over one billion (1,000,000,000) HTML5-compatible smartphones will be sold by this time. Based on research by Strategy Analytics whose predictions are supported by other research agencies. craigslist Craigslist isn't currently HTML5 eBay has chosen the route of the native app LAGGING Craigslist isn't popular for its beautiful UI BEHIND design but it has announced that it is For now, eBay is not on HTML5. Its media team says one is on the way. The company did however launch its HTML5 Fashion app. hiring a designer for an HTML5 redesign. WordPress Wikipedia isn't currently making full use of HTML5 features homepage isn't using HTML5 The blogging platform's homepage does however look The desktop version of Wikipedia isn't in HTML5 but the Wiki's great on mobile devices and tablets. WordPress also has tech team is looking into implementing a variety of HTML5 multiple applications designed for mobile devices allowing users to download apps best suited for their needs. features in the future. created by visual ly XWIX

The History of HTML5

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The History of HTML5 takes us through the story of how HTML5 became one of the most standard languages used on the Internet. It has come a long way from its more simplistic origins and now HTML 5 has ...



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