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The History of the Home Theater

history of Che home Cheater 1420: idea of first projoctor Drawing of a monk holding a lantern by Johannes de Fontana In 1420. I663: Che first tolescopos Hans Lippershey constructs a refracting telescope, the first of it's kind. 1837: "limelight" invented Michael Faraday turns an oxygen- hydrogen flame on a lump of quicklime, which heats it and gives off a brilliant light. 1926: the first television John Baird successfully transmits the first "Hey daddy'o, my screening room is television picture with a greyscale image the cat's meow!" 1936: kodak'S AMm film Kodak releases the 8mm film format on the market to create an affordable home movie format. 1950: SCreening rooms Screening rooms are found in the homes of the wealthy, and use Kodak 8 mm projector equipment. 1983: "Velcan" the first vcr The first home video recorder is created. It can record 20 minutes of black and white output at a time 1970: vhs kills amm filmI VCRS connected to ordinary televisions provide a simpler and more flexible substitute for 8 mm film and projectors. 1980: the hOme theater A typical home hheater consists of a LaserDisc or VHS player fed to a large rear projection TV. STAR WARS 1997: "dvd" video format A new video format called "DVD" is introduced to the USA by electronics company, Toshiba. 1999: dolby digital sound Dolby Digital Surround EX is co-developed by Dolby and Lucasfilm THX for Star Wars Episode I. HO00: dvd 6 projectors DVD-Video and high-quality projectors provide a cinema experience that sparks a new wave of home cinema interest. HO06: first blu-ray discs The Fifth Element, Hitch, Underworld: Evolution, xXx, and The Terminator were the first titles released on Blu-Ray. 2010: a neW era Affordable 3D technology, Blu-ray Discs, media PCs, and HD Projectors usher in a new era of home theater. H011: only gotting botter. New technologies like high definition screen paint continue to make professional quality home theaters even more affordable. be cotinued "information from, graphics from created by

The History of the Home Theater

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
The Home Theater has evolved greatly over time. From 8mm film to laser disc's to DVD's and everything in between. So to show you how Home Theaters have evolved we spent some time and put together this...




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