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The History of Email

THE HISTORY OF IT'S EMAIL'S 40TH ANNIVER- SARY! EMAIL 1971: 1976: 1978: >1982: >1982: Computer engineer Ray Tomlinson sends the first electronic mail message". Queen Elizabeth Il becomes the first head of state to send an electronic mail The first electronically- sent advertisement goes out, over a network government and university computers. The word "email" is first used. The first- ever smiley "emoticon" is invented by Scott Fahlman. message. LOL LOL QWERTYUIOP *SEND* END *Tomlinson has since forgotten what the message said. ( 1998: The word "spam" is added to the Oxford English Dictionary. ( 1998: ( 1997: 1997: ( 1989: Microsoft Outlook is released. Wamer Bros. releases You've Got Mail, which tops $250 million at the box office. Microsoft buys Hotmail for about $400 million. Radio man Elwood Edwards records AOL's iconic "Welcome," "File's done," "Goodbye," & "You've got mail!" SPAM. > 2004: LOL and other Internet >2003: On an episode of "The Simpsons," Homer reveals his email address, chunkylover53@ >2003: George W. Bush signs into law the CAN-SPAM Act, the US first national standards for sending commercial emails. 1999: 2004: FTC codifies email spam laws. A fraudulent email claiming that Bill Gates plans to share his wealth with Internet users begins to circulate. It is forwarded by millions. acronyms are officially recognized in the Oxford English Dictionary. LMAO!!!!!!!! ( 2008: Presidential candidate Barack Obama compiles a database of over 13 million email addresses. 1 2005: SPF. the first technology that verifies email senders' identities, is established. ( 2007: Google makes (2004: Multimedia emails are introduced after the MMS World Congress in Vienna. |2007: Anti-phishing security protocol DKIM is adopted by the Internet Engineering Task Force. Gmail available to the public worldwide. VOTE > 2011: The Associated Press Stylebook changes "e-mail" to "email." REACHMAIL | SOURCES: 1971, Ray Tomlinson NPR: "The Man Who Made You Put Away Your Pen" 2009 - 1976, queen: ABC News Online; "Queen Elizabeth sent her first emailin 1976,"2006 - 1998, You've Got Mal: Box Office Mojo: You've Got Mail - 2007, DKIM: Network World; "Powerful new antiphishing weapon DKIM emerges" 2008 - 2008, Obama: The New York Times "Melding Obama's Web to a YouTube Presidency." 2009

The History of Email

shared by kcatoto on Jan 27
The first email -- or electronic message as it was called at the time -- was sent by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson back in 1971. In celebration of the medium's 40th birthday, the folks at ReachMail,...



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