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History of Domain Names

HISTORY OF „DOMAIN NAMES ANATOMY COF A URL address host site keyword/brand/name directory file HTTP://WWW.WEBSITE.COM/PAGE/DOMAIN.HTM hypertext transfer domain extension sub domain дате protocol file extension STARTING POINT gTLds in 1985 COUNTRY LEVEL DOMAIN NAME COUNTS As of January 21, 2013 coffee .COM Commercial Uses UNITED STATES 79,730,000 GERMANY 6,473,000 .EDU Post-Secondary Education *: CHINA 5,864,000 UNITED KINGDOM 4,796,000 .GOV Government Agencies *I CANADA POLICE 3,861,000 .MIL Military Organizations FRANCE 3,464,000 JAPAN 2,835,000 .NET Network Infrastructions AUSTRALIA 2,354,000 SPAIN 1,685,000 .ORG Any Organizations that don't fit the others CAYMAN ISLANDS 1,553,000 FIRST OF THEIR KIND An Expanding Domain new GTLDS in 2001-2004 THE ORIGINAL DOMAIN MAMES JAN 01, 1985 MAR 15, 1985 JULY 10, 1985 .info .biz .aero .name .museum .coop pro HOW ONE DOMAI EXTENSION OUTPERFORMED ALL THE OTHERS RISE OF THE DOT-COM EMPIRE Although domain regulations have always been in place, many early internet users bypassed the guidelines and flocked to .com 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2012 MOST POPULAR GTLDS BY TOTAL NUMBER OF DOMAINS .COM .NET ORG .INFO „BIZ .US 102.7M 14.7M 9.9M 8.3M 2.2M 1.8M 220 MILLION: NUMBER OF REGISTERED DOMAIN NAMES COST OF $185,000 CREATING Application Fee YOUR OWN TLD $425,000 Yearly Free to run the registry MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN SALES INSURANCE.COM SEX.COM FUND.COM $16M $14M $10M John Doe PORN.COM BUSINESS.COM $9.5M $7.5M ANNUAL DOMAIN NAME SALES $250 MILLION TOP REGISTRARS BY TOTAL NUMBER OF DOMAINS GO 34.2M SSS enomo 9.1M .COM Make a com name with us!" tucows 7.1M schlund partner 4.8M © Copyright All Rights Reserved Designed by Birth of Arpanet, the first computer network 696 First Modern PC Developed LL6 1978 First Recorded Use Of Email Spam 223 9,005 First Recorded Use Of An Emoticon 21M Domain Name System Created 1984 6 TLD Introduced: 1985 WI6 .com, .edu, .gov, .mil, .net and .org 102.7M 7 9TLD Introduced: .aero, biz, .coop,.info, .museum, .name and .pro 000

History of Domain Names

shared by tengski88 on Apr 26
A summarized description how the domain names started, it's evolution and growth in today's market worldwide.


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