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Historical Disasters Averted by Technology

HISTORICAL DISASTERS AVERTED We took a tongue-in-cheek look at how technology could have changed the course of history. Hope you get a few smiles imagining what might have been... BLOGGING FOR ROMEO &JIULIET HARKI JULIETS BLOG POST SAYS SHE DOTH LIVE! Had Juliet been able to post "totally faking my death tonight," Romeo wouldn't have taken his life but waited out the rouse and they might have lived happily ever after, of course that would mean Shakespeare would have had a bevy of other plot twists, like hacking Juliet's email to send Paris pics of Romeo and Juliet in a loving embrace. BODY SCANNING FOR THE TROJAN HORSE SIRI I THINK WE HAVE A SECURITY BREACH HERE. No TSA agent worth their badge or customs agent worth their position could miss Greece's sly attempt to sneak soldiers into the belly of the Troy inside a wooden horse. Of course, these days, we'd probably opt for stealth technology or heat seeking missiles to achieve the same end. OOPS. GPS NOW ENTERING THE AMERICA.. REDIRECTING. FOR COLUMBUS With GPS, the New World might have been just a stopover on the way along the satellite-guided path to the East Indies, the land Columbus set out to sail to. Can't you just hear the Santa Maria belting out, "Re-routing, re-routing," as they hit the coast of the New World? EASY FELLOW, SOCIAL NETWORKING BACK TO SLEEP. IM FOR PAUL REVERE GONNA JUST POST ON FACEBOOK. # 1 Patriot Hey Freedom Fighters! The British are coming! The British are coming! No need to ride feverishly through the Massachusetts countryside to announce the coming of the Brits. Paul Revere could have had the luxury of broadcasting "The British are coming," via Twitter and Facebook to tell his followers and friends to get ready to rumble. Plus, share pictures of his silversmithing creations. IPADS CНЕCK УOUR FOR THE FOUNDING FATHERS IPADS FOR THE LATEST REVISED VERSION OF THE CONSTITUTION. Surely, if the Continental Congress had access iPads, the Constitution would be stored away on a cloud drive with digital signatures, assuming Jefferson didn't take that first copy home and overwrite it with brainstorming notes for his macaroni machine. It would make the John Hancock reference a little tricky. TANKS VICTORY FOR HANNIBALS ELEPHANTS GOES TO THE ONE WITH TANKS! After trekking over the Alps on elephants, Hannibal's mind would have been blown to see the sophisticated armored personnel vehicles of today. With access to an arsenal of modem military weaponry, there might have never been talk in Carthage about the need for a Third Punic War.

Historical Disasters Averted by Technology

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