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Hinges Fact File

Hinges FACT FILE Virtually everyone around the world relies on hinges for various things, such as for the doors and windows in our homes and workplaces, the doors on our cars, and even for things like laptop computers and household cabinets! Here are some of the most-popular hinges: Butt hinges are non-adjustable ones designed for cabinets, and are available in sizes from 13mm to 150mm Butterfly hinges are used for light doors and windows, and are a more-attractive hinge to look at than butt hinges Flush hinges are great because they do not need recesses to be cut into doors, but they aren't as strong as butt hinges Barrel hinges are two-part hinges and make it easy to lift doors away from frames, negating the need to unscrew the hinges first Concealed hinges are what you might find in MDF furniture such as kitchen cabinets, and as the name Piano hinges are available in differ- ent lengths, are made from either brass or steel metals and are useful for desk counters Pivot hinges are fitted to the top of Flag hinges can be taken apart by removing the pin from one leaf, and are available in left-hand and the door frame and on the floor, and are typically seen in ancient dry stone houses suggests are hidden from view right-hand configurations What to check before purchasing hinges It is important that you choose the right hinges for the job, as buying the wrong ones will just be a waste of time and money. 2+ Lightweight hinges can cause heavy items like doors to fall off Sometimes you might need more than two hinges for the job In some applications it is important to choose a particular style of hinge If the hinges are going to be used outdoors they need to be coated with paint to protect against rust How to care for your hinges Like anything used in a building, hinges need periodical maintenance to ensure their longevity. Hinges may sometimes need oiling to prevent any squeaking noises from occurring Tighten the screws to secure going to be doing hinges against the doors or objects they are fitted to If you are fitting new doors, make sure your existing hinges fit them property Cover up any hinges if you are any painting What would life be like without hinges? It just doesn't bear thinking about! We wouldn't have any privacy in our homes and workplaces We wouldn't be able to secure our property There would be no way of getting into our cars Laptops would be pretty useless because we wouldn't be able to open or close them 10 ironmongery online

Hinges Fact File

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There are wide varieties of hinge styles on the market and each and every one has been designed for a specific purpose, so it is important to ensure you use the right hinge for the job. Consider the w...


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