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Hidden Ways the From Address Can Help or Hurt Your Email Marketing

HIDDEN WAYS THE 'FROM ADDRESS' NEWS SEND CAN HELP (OR HURT) YOUR EMAIL MARKETING THE THREE CORE ELEMENTS OF AN EMAIL MESSAGE: 1 3 The subscriber and their Your 'Sent From' The Subject line email address. Name and Email address. If you ask most email marketers the most important of the three elements, they'll "SUBJECT LINE' in a answer flash. However, the combination of the other two is actually more important in how people actually manage their inboxes. The most egregious of them send their messages deliberately from '[email protected]' If you want to break the trance and have your subscriber understand with crystal clarity that you have a one way relationship, use 'noreply' because it communicates that message perfectly. noreply So why would anyone use such an impersonal and even offensive From Address? It's more convenient for the marketer. And, the truth is some want to PROJECT AN IMAGE OF AUTHORITY and detachment so their company appears busy. Or, frankly, they just use a 'noreply' because so many other marketers do and it's the accepted standard. Those aren't exactly compelling reasons to use 'noreply' as a From Address. The problem is that there can be a considerable downside that deserves careful consideration. HERE ARE 5 REASONS WHY YOU DON'T WANT TO USE 'NO REPLY' AS YOUR FROM ADDRESS: 1) SPAM COMPLAINTS: 2) LEGAL COMPLIANCE: No one likes to see spam complaints, but a According to U.S. Can Spam law, you are legally obligated to remove subscribers from your list and maintain a suppression list of people you must not email anymore. surprising number of people will choose to reply to an email rather than click an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails. If they try to reply and discover that they're stuck with a 'noreply' However, if you are not getting people's requests to be removed from your list because of a 'noreply' From Address, then you risk missing requests to be unsubscribed. Laws in Europe bar the use of 'noreply' addresses. As with recent changes to Canadian law, the fact that you are mailing from America won't make you exempt from these laws. address their next step could easily be to click 'This is Spam' instead. So there is only downside and greater spam complaint rates awaiting those who insist on using 'noreply' as their from address. LIST 3) NOTIFICATIONS: 4) ENGAGEMENT: A major problem for email marketers is that the major ISP's such as Gmail will penalize deliverability if there is minimal engagement with subscribers. One way to show engagement is to encourage new subscribers to reply to your email. Many people use services to require verification from unknown senders. You only have to confirm these once and then the service will let your emails through. If you don't confirm, then your subscriber won't Regardless of what you encourage them to write to you for, the mere act of sending you an email shows engagement to the ISP's and can boost your deliverability rate. If you have a 'noreply' address, this is not possible. see you messages at all. Yes, you'll get annoying 'out of office' reply emails, too, but that is a small price to pay for the goodwill a real From Address can build with your subscribers. 4) RELATIONSHIP: A 'noreply' From Address breaks the feeling of a relationship for subscriber. Your messages will be perceived as a one-way conversation and the worst part is that it will be the truth. In email and social media, there is an expectation to interact with a live person and to get a response. So whether it's your help desk or your newsletter or a broadcast ?! Hi! campaign, make sure your reply to address is points to an email account that someone will actually see. Now, there is no requirement that you put your finger on the pulse of what your your personal or direct email address in most active subscribers think. After your messages, but you should use an all, if you can't see the replies, you email address in the 'From Address' can't be aware of what your that will be read by a human being. subscribers are trying to tell you. That could be a costly mistake, especially considering that the The best news perhaps is that when you use a real 'From Address' and actually read the means of providing a real email address is so easy to accomplish. reply emails that can be an invaluable resource for keeping your Doing so could have a surprising effect on your conversions and profitability. For more information visit: PRESENTED BY Source: EMAIL DELIVERED MANAGE MONITOR > MONETIZE III|| יןייןוי 1

Hidden Ways the From Address Can Help or Hurt Your Email Marketing

shared by emaildelivered on Jun 14
When you use a real ‘From Address’ and actually read the reply emails that can be an invaluable resource for keeping your finger on the pulse of what your most active subscribers think. There are ...


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