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The Hardware Ecosystem

What is? THE HARDWARE ECOSYSTEM SCHOOL A LAB TOOLS WORKSHOP A STORE FACTORY COMPLETION COMPLETION COMPLETION COMPLETION COMPLETION 95% 95% 70% 50% 30% 10% Make: sparkfun. upverter upverter indiegogo ELECTRONICS GRABCAD KICad shapeways KICK STARTER shoplocket РСН International dragon CIRÇUIT W LAB OSH Park seeed studio TechShp m ARDUINO DS SOLIDWORKS BOLT M) HAXLR8R Nadafruit BUILD YOUR DREAMS HERE GRAND STREET BID A AUTODESK. EAGLE Ponoko MakerBot instructables hackerspaces Altıum OrCAD Y Combinator KissKiss Bank Bank EDUCATION DESIGN PRODUCTION The first stage in the product ecosystem is where both designers and ideas are born. It is the most developed of the three stages, and the least in need of future innovation. The first part of the education stage is the school, a collection of resources, articles, mentors, and institutions like universities that take beginners and turn them into engineers. The second stage in the product ecosystem is where ideas and development boards get decon- structed and refined into products. The first part of the design stage are tools, software applica- tion built to help engineers turn ideas into CAD-style manufacturing files. The third stage in the product ecosystem is also the most in need of innovation. The first part of the production stage is the store, a mixed physical and virtual marketplace. This is where cus- tomers discover and purchase products based on a pre-sales model. The second part of the education stage is the lab, a collection of hardware building blocks for testing out ideas. This is where ideas get hacked into parts, development boards get cobbled to- gether, and the first lines of code may be written. The second part of the design stage is the workshop, sophisticated overnight product prototyp- ing. This is where designs get rapidly turned into testable prototypes. It will be a service offered at first by specialty manufacturers, and later addressed by the evolution of 3D printing. The second part of the production stage is the factory, a scalable on-demand API for manufac- turing. This will be the AWS of hardware. This step still requires huge investment and innovation in logistics, smaller batch sizes, manufacturing equipment, and process control. We predict the continued dominance of both community curated content like Make as the school and open hardware merchants like Sparkfun as the lab. We predict the success of web-based, collaborative, multi-player communities like Upverter as dominating both parts of the design stage. We predict a consolidation in the store stage and the emergence of a dominant marketplace ex- plicitly pre-selling products. Likewise we predict manufacturers will differentiate through their APIS, the most accessible and elastic of these dominating. 6 We've already overcome how to teach, and we're close to mastering design and prototyping. As soon as we figure out on-demand sales and production, the hardware revolution will be a success. Zak Homuth, CEO - Upverter O upverter - 2013 What is the Hardware Ecosystem? by Upverter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. BY ND

The Hardware Ecosystem

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Traditional ways to design, manufacture, and sell electronics are changing. Following the Hardware Revolution map ( we made a list of the main actors in that ...




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