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Happy Anniversary . NET

Happy Anniversary net powered by VERISIGNY was the very first .NET domain name created more than 30 years ago. 1985 2015 That's right... it was a .NET that paved the way for what we know as the InterNET today. YEARS Since then, .NET has been one of the most popular domains on the plaNET... .and has been a tried and true place for businesses to become customer magNETs. Here's a look at a few of the ways .NET continues to be integral to online activity today! .NET is the 2nd largest gTLD after .COM. 15 That's a registered .NET domain for every person living in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Paris & Hong Kong combined! арх. Million registered .NET domain names Los Angeles pop. 3.884m' L Barcelona Paris Hong Kong pop. 1.602m' L pop. 2.244m' pop. 7.188m' Globally, people want .NET domains hosted in more than available in more than 200 & 400 COUNTRIES LANGUAGES .NET and .COM share a lot in common net Both created on the same day - January 1, 1985 powered by VERISIGN Y Both powered by Verisign Both entrusted by countless intersections of communication, commerce and entertainment com Both have been operated by Verisign with 100% DNS powered by VERISIGN Y reliability for almost 2 decades .NET is one of the most valuable domain extensions in the aftermarket* net Highest Sale Average Price has the highest total 9TLD aftermarket* sales after $1,850 $500,000 •com *Marketplace for selling or acquiring domain name registrations that are already registered. .NET has wide appeal From artists to businesses to bloggers, .NET is the home to all types of industries and groups. Keywords appearing in .NET registered domains in 1H 2015' Top 10 trending keywords for .NET domain registrations in Q1 2015 44,000 ВАBY 1. Find 6. Stem 37,000 НОМЕ 2. Snow 7. Level 26,000 DESIGN 3. Search 8. Option 14,000 MUSIC 4. Hemp 9. Apple 12,000 BUSINESS 5. Drone 10. Ticket 11,000 BLOG net 10,000 GAMES 10,000 FOODS CHARACTERS The average character length for a .NET domain name. 9,000 SPORTS 8,000 KID Anyone can register a creative and memorable .NET domain name – up to 63 63 7,000 CONSULTING 63 characters! Using keywords in domain names helps to gain customer X attention by highlighting popular search terms, location, or key aspects of a business. In fact, keyword-rich domain names attract higher click-through rates on search engine Coincidentally, there are 63 63-character .NET domain names results pages 5 registered. net Credibility that comes with the experience to help businesses begin, grow and get their best shot online. See how others are encountering success with a .NET domain and register your memorable domain name today: powered by VERISIGN 1 2 Country classification as defined by IS0 https://en.wikiped 166-1 3, July 15, 2015 4 Approximations. Verisign DomainView. Jan 2015 - June 2015 5 6 Q1 2015 Verisign Domain Name Industry Brief 7 Verisign Data Warehouse, 6/30/15 8 Verisign Data Warehouse, 7/13/15 ©2015 VeriSign, Inc. All rights reserved. VERISIGN and other trademarks, service marks, and designs are registered or unregistered trademarks of VeriSign, Inc. and its subsidiari es in the United States and in foreign countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. VERISIGN 128-8

Happy Anniversary . NET

shared by Verisign on Aug 23
For the last 30 years, .NET has been one of the most popular domain name extensions on the plaNET. It is responsible for millions of thriving online businesses and countless intersections of communica...




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