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Hands Free Driving Laws in 2013

Revisiting HANDS-FREE DRIVING LAWS in 2013 Accidents and Dangers up to 80% of car accidents occur with distraction as a factor People killed in crashes that involved a distracted driver 2010 2011 3,267 people 3,331 people Distracted drivers are more likely to cause accidents than drunk drivers Number of people injured in crashes involving a distracted driver Distracted drivers Drunk drivers 2010 2011 23 416 people 387 people more likely then normal more likely than nomal Every day in the US, distracted driving results in USA. 1,060 people killed people injured * DISTRACTED DRIVING IS THE TOP KILLER OF AMERICAN TEENS * Drivers under 20 are the group proportion of distracted drivers the highest 3 TYPES OF * DISTRACTION * COGNITIVE VISUAL 18 mind off driving MANUAL eyes off road hands off wheel TEXTING COMBINES ALL THREE TYPES were involved in fatal accidents 16% because of distractions 70 Cell phones and other wireless devices are the primary driver distractions Hands-free cell phone use may be just as distracting as handheld use AROUND 28% OF CRASHES. INVOLVE CELL PHONE USE :08% $1.6million CRASHES YEAR blood level 28% Driving while using a cell phone is equivalent to a blood alcohol level of.08% 18% of fatal accidents are the result of cell phone use A truck driver reaching for a phone or other device is A truck driver making a call is 5.9 fimes more likely 6.1 times o crash more likely Drivers using cell phones may suffer inattentional blindness Activity in the parietal lobe, which is essential to safe driving. Can miss up to 50% of visual information Decreases by up to 37% when having a conversation. Cell phone use while driving Drivers who report falking on their cell phone while driving 21% UK 49, Netherlands 69% USA 40% Germany 42% Spain 46x Belgium 41% France 60% Portugal Cell phone use while driving Drivers who report texting or emailing while driving 17% UK 22% Netherlands 31% USA 20 Germany 15% Spain 31% Belgium 20 France 31% Portugal % of men and women that use cell phones while driving are equal 18 34 25 44 45 64 55 64 Drivers aged 18 - 34 texted more often than those aged 45 - 64 Drivers aged 25-44 used cell phones while driving significantly more than those ages 55 - 64 in the usa- In the US, over 25% of app users report using apps while driving In the US, 8% of drivers report downloading apps or watching media while driving (25% 8% hands-free devices Response times are significantly delayed while texting, even when using hands-free devices. Bluetooth headsets China supplies up to 85% of the world's Bluetooth headsets 85% Online search for Bluetooth headsets in China increased by 43% after handheld cell phone use while driving was banned in 2013. 43% a200 By the end of 2007, China had produced approximately 263million thousand Bluetooth headsets headsets were sold by China's largest online marketplace in January 2013. Percentage of people who use a wired/Bluetooth headset and speaker 18% 29% 32% 47% Netherlands UK USA Sweden * Cell phone driving laws 87% 50% of people think that texting or emailing while driving is a serious safety threat. of people think cell phone use while driving should b banned. In 2010, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration banned drivers of commercial vehicles from texting while driving In 2009, US federal employees were banned from texting while driving government vehicles By 2010, 30 US states had banned texting while driving As of January 2012, 30 states plus Washington D.C ban all cell phone use by some or all young drivers USA. U.S States where using a hand-held phone while driving is illegal: District of Columbia Michigan At least in the city of Detroit. Illinois -Connecticut New Jersey * Maryland Delaware California Alabama At least in the city of Montgomery. New Mexico Blanket ban in state vehicles. Arkansas Statewide ban for drivers between 18 to 20, and all drivers in school/road Louisiana construction areas. Drivers with learner's or intermediate licenses, regardless of age. Hawaii No state-wide law, but all counties have enacted distracted driving laws Sources We' Your usted Source for CeePhone Accessorkes http://www.cdc.gow/motorvehiclesafety/distracted_driving/,2817,2418029,00.asp ty#As_a_percentage_of_distraction-related_accidents

Hands Free Driving Laws in 2013

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Cell phone related accidents and deaths have been a growing problem due to the many distracting factors they possess. Texting and driving is among the most dangerous because of the driver's inability ...


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