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Guide to Colour Printing

GUIDES TO THE COLOUR PRINTING MPONENTS OF CMYK PRINTING The CMYK color mode. also known as process color and four color, is used in color prining and is also used to describe the printing process itself. CMYK refers to the four inks used in some color printing: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and key (black). Black is represented by the letter K. Which is short for "key", and also helps avoid confusion with "blue". Cyan Magenta Yellow Black(key) HOW VARIOUS CMYK INKS CAN BE COMBINED INTO DIFFERENT COLORS CYAN VIOLET MAGENTA CYAN GREEN YELLOW YELLOW ORANGE MAGENTA CYAN+BLACK MAGENTA+BLACK YELLOW+BLACK ШШ ииn VIOLET ORANGE GREEN BLACK BLACK BLACK A NUMBER BETWEEN 0-100 INDICATES BRIGHTNESS OR DEPTH LEVEL OF EACH COLOR, WITH ZERO BEING WHITE 100% 0% 100% 0% 100% 100% 0% 0% PRINTING TERMS Full color • 4 Color • Process Color Combinations or overprinted dots of these four colors are what create the wide range of colors discemible to the human eye that can be reproduced 4 over 4 4 over 1 4 over 0 Full color Front & Back Full color Front & Black Back Full color Front & Blank Back BACK BACK FRONT FRONT FRONT PMS Pantone Spot Color A popular color matching system, or series of printed color swatches used to match, specify, identify, and display specific colors or colored ink combinations. PANTONE 7467 C PANTONE 2405 C PANTONE 361 C PANTONE 485 C 3 over 2 3 over 1 3 over 0 Three color full Two color back Three color full Three color full Blanck back One color back BACK FRONT FRONT FRONT Note: 1 over 1 is typically interpreted as BLACK ink only on frond and back! Make sure you specify when requesting a Quote WHAT IS OVERPRINT? WHEN INKS ARE PRINTED ON TOP OF EACH OTHER DURING PRINTING PROCESS Overprint PROCESS TOP OBJECTS KNOCK OUT ANY COLORS BENEATH THEM WHEN YOU PRODUCE SEPARATIONS WITH OVERLAPPING OBJECTS No CAN BE USED FOR Overprint 1. ADDITIONAL COLORS 2. SPECIAL EFFECTS 3. SILHOUETTES W.rOLOGAPGET.COM GADGET coz u only Ilve once Source: ED

Guide to Colour Printing

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Infographic guide on colour printing terminology and what some of the colour terms mean.


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