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Growth of npm

THE EXPLOSIVE GROWTH AND BRIGHT FUTURE OF npm npm is GROWING FASTER THAN ANY OTHER PACKAGE HANDLER' above that's 127. 100,000 modules GROWTH IN ABOUT ONE YEAR as of October 14, 2014 node.js Maven Central прт 44,020 modules 1 YEAR AGO THE MOST PROLIFIC RECENT npm creator? <120 IS OVER 50% MORE THAN the number of packages as the next most prolific <70 the next most prolific NADAV BAR TOP CURRENT npm maintainers3 478 JON SCHLINKERT MODULES @jonschlinkert Cincinnati, OH 454 JONATHAN ONG MODULES @Jongleberry Los Angeles, CA, United States 443 JAMES HALLIDAY MODULES @substack Oakland, CA, United States DEVELOPERS ACCESSING MAC WINDOWS 40.82% 39.53% More Windows & Enterprise devs are adopting npm and node.js every day ANDROID 2.42% IOS 14.29% 2.46% MOST RELIED UPON npm4 ---- V--- V.NJV__ N_--_/ V_/ V- V V__/ V_/V--_/V_JN \_\ V V-- underscore a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides support for the usual functional suspects (each, map, reduce, filter...) without extending any core JavaScript objects. UNIQUE USERS 1,705,485 Unique IP addresses downloading npm packages for week of Sept. 30 to Oct 7. MOST STARRED npm packages éxpress A minimal web application framework for Node.js, providing features for building single, multi-page, and hybrid web applications. 557 var express = require('express'); var app = express(); 326 async Provides higher-order function and common patterns for asynchronous code.['file1','file2', 'file3'], fs.stat, function (err, results){ 272 grunt The javascript task runner. $ grunt Running “jshint:gruntfile" (jshint) task ENTERPRISES ARE INVESTING IN Node.js and npm HAPI hapi KRAKEN BUILT BY WALMART BUILT BY PAYPAL 66 26 PROJECTS PROJECTS ON GITHUB ON GITHUB THE FUTURE OF npm npmE (npm ENTERPRISE) Currently in beta, the next evolution allowing you to run npm on-premises. npm login --registry= --scope=myco 1 2 3 TJ Holowaychuk has stepped away from Node.js development 4 5 Thanks to npm, Inc. for providing additional information. Explosive growth and a matchless future for Node.js and npm. LET MODULUS AND MODULUS ENTERPRISE PROVIDE THE SEAMLESS DEPLOYMENT.

Growth of npm

shared by Modulus on Oct 15
npm has passed 100,000 modules in the public repository and is growing faster than any programming package manager in history. This infographic takes a look at the growth.


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